The Saltwater Cowboy…

I remember the very first time I wore a pair of cowboy boots. Instant confidence! I walked different. Felt different. The sound of “heel on ground” made me think different.

I dropped by Road Apples today…my “go to” tack shoppe for everything Bones needs for riding. Boots, helmets, half chaps, pants, gloves… all in one spot along with saddles and bridles, blankets and halters. A multitude of riding paraphernalia for both English and Western riders along with a fabulous selection of supplies for your dogs, wonderful jewellery and a great number of gifts for any animal lover…all displayed in a beautiful store with helpful staff.

Road Apples Shoppe has been our “little secret.” You see, us horse lovers have been keeping it from our non-horsey friends but they’re more than a tack shoppe. They’ve amazing casual boots and jeans, purses and belts, hats and shirts. Beautiful clothing and accessories that leave our non-horsey friends saying things like “that belt is amazing” where’d you find it and “OMG I love your boots!”

Well… the secret is out! The folks at Road Apples have just opened a brand new shop next door! They’ve gathered their stock, added more and opened the doors to “The Saltwater Cowboy” (the nickname given to Atlantic Canadian’s who find themselves working out West.) It’s filled with fabulous clothes for both men and women… fantastic Wrangler jeans, cowboy hats, “bling filled” belts and you guessed it… row after row of comfortable cowboy boots AND GUESS WHAT!! The Saltwater Cowboy is giving the readers of Curtains a chance to win a pair of cowboy boots valued at two hundred dollars!

Here’s how you can win…
  1. “Like” The Saltwater Cowboy’s Facebook page to get all of the updates on the amazing stock as it arrives. (While you’re at it, you may as well Like Road Apples too… or follow them on Twitter @road_apples.)
  2. Read through some updates and take a peek at some of their photos, then comment on this post about something you see that strikes your fancy.
  3. Add your email address and name in the comment so I know how to contact you.
  4.  Share this post with your friends to get an extra ballot! (Just add another comment letting me know you shared it via Facebook, Twitter, Email or other means and I’ll put your name in the draw a second time!)

The holidays are coming and both Road Apples and The Saltwater Cowboy are filled to the brim with wonderful gifts whether you’re a rider or not. Drop into their stores to see what I mean.

The secret is out… and it’s a good one!

  1. The giveaway will be open from now until Friday, December 14th, 2012 at ten a.m (my time!)
  2. Winner will be chosen using and notified by email.
  3. Only comments on “The Saltwater Cowboy… ” post on “Curtains are Open” are eligible to win… comments on other posts, Facebook or Twitter, while appreciated, are not considered.
  4. Only one comment per reader is eligible for entry into the contest PLUS, a second entry if you “Share” the blog post (you can share by clicking on the “share” options on the bottom of the post, or by sharing the link on the “Curtains” Facebook page.
  5. The winner will receive one pair of “in-stock” cowboy boots of their choice. Value of “up to” $200. (If the boots are more expensive you can pay the difference, however, cash or further merchandise will not be added to make up the difference on a less expensive pair.)
  6. This is a “local” giveaway. You must be able to visit the store, try on and pick up your boots by Saturday, December 22nd, 2012.


46 Replies to “The Saltwater Cowboy…”

  1. The profile photo brown boots with turquoise stitching are lovely. I bought a very similar part in Calgary this past summer during the 100th anniversary of the Stampede. Seemed appropriate. Would like a back-up pair though. Nice shop. Karen

  2. The fab picture of the rows of boots makes me want to go try them all on!!! 🙂 – Kat

  3. I love love LOVE those beautiful cowboy boots! Looks like a great store will come by to check it out 🙂

  4. OMG you better pick me. I love everything so I will have a hard time making a decision but whatever it is, it will be Ariat;)

    ps I’m sharing this on fb

  5. Wow…those cowboy boots with the rhinestones……(((love))) and those jeweled belts….(at least I think they were belts) in the Stock Preview album….drool. I never would have known this little gem of a store existed until now….

  6. The Saltwater Cowboy cover photo with the two lovely horses and the beautiful Christmas accent really bring light to how much our lovely horses are a part of Christmas 🙂

  7. Hi there! I am excited to view your store as I live only a half hour away and I was also the one inquiring about “dresses” 🙂 Great to have another store in the area dedicated to western!

  8. Love the look of the new store, can’t wait to go and see the bling belts and the selection of boots. Shared on Facebook.

  9. I think I’m most excited about the Wrangler jeans and bling belts! Awesome shop! 🙂 Sharing this on fb

  10. I have always loved the Road Apples store so I am delighted to see a Western sister store. I have found some great things in the past that you can’t find anywhere else and the staff are superb!

  11. I love Road Apples- how lucky am I they are located in my neighbourhood- literally- my daughter and I can walk or drive and do many times a week! Now we can add another shop to the adventure! Guess that is why hubby asked for Cowboy boots for Christmas.

    Congrats and will be sharing

  12. Looks like an awesome place to look for Santa ideas. I will definitely be dropping by.

  13. Love the new jeans, particularly the Q Baby line from Wranglers.

    PS. Shared via email

  14. Store looks great I can’t wait to come in and try the new wrangler jeans. See you soon.

  15. Great store! I have been in a couple of times and purchased a pair of Ariat boots. Would love to have another pair!! Very friendly staff.
    Shared on facebook. 🙂

  16. Love Road Apples and I know I am going to LOVE The Saltwater Cowboy. I would love to see a pair of Wranglers of Ariat Boots under the Christmas Tree.
    Definitely sharing this!

  17. The bling belts Road Apples and The Saltwater Cowboy carry are my favourite! I also love the brown with turquoise Ariat cowboy boots shown in the Saltwater Cowboy’s profile picture, very nice! I would love a pair.

    SHARED on Twitter 🙂

  18. really like the ariat mens plaid shirts, can wait to try them on. also shared his on facebook

  19. Queen, Thank you for bringing back wonderful (yet silly) memories of my sister and I having to share one pair of Frye Cowboy boots (which actually belonged to my brother). We wore the heck out of those boots until my sister fell down the stairs (in front of a whole bunch of cute boys) with them on. Needless to say, she was allowed to wear them anytime after that…I wanted nothing to do with them. Looking at the pictures of cowboys boots made me smile…and come to think of it..I think I have to call my sister. 🙂

    Dianne G.

  20. Love your blogs cause it opens our eyes to things we otherwise wouldn’t know about. Looks like a great shop even if your not a rider!! Great pics of the boots!!

  21. i could use new boot!! I’m still wearin’ my the last pair from 1991. Got my rubber boots from road apples. Just need some great guy to come sweep me off my boots!!

  22. I miss the cowboy boots I wore in the ’80’s – they were so cool. Everything old is new again and these boots are beautiful!

  23. Love cowboy boots. Had my first pair when I was 19 and wore the bottoms off! Great photos, love the “new” boots, not like my old boring (but well worn in) ones!

  24. Well, it’s interesting that I saw this post. I have been saving for a pair of cowboy boots, but it sure would be great to win a pair. Plus, since my bday is the last day that the boots can be picked up, what a better way to spend my birthday. :). Suzanne.

  25. I got caught browsing the site and almost forgot to come back to comment! I will definitely be checking both out more carefully! I love the profile Ariat boots! Really glad to see cowboy boots coming back in – everything old is definitely new again!!!

    Shared on Twitter 🙂

  26. mmmmm, any of those boots would look amazing… makes me remember when I could fit into my Dad’s Frye boots,… which I would steal as many times as I could, until they couldn’t fit any more.

    Shared on Twitter. 🙂

  27. I remember my first pair oof cowboy boots too ! My Dad didn’t approve of how they made “me look”…must have looked good 🙂 this blog and shop bring back memories..:)

  28. I haven’t had a pair of these for 20 years. Maybe it’s time. Plus, I know a few horse owners/riders. Xmas is coming!

  29. I know a certain girl in my house that would love one of those colored Tipperary helmets…and I’m sure her mom could find a few things too…
    Beautiful store! And, everyone should be so lucky to have their business featured in this blog!

  30. I see pink boots above…I’ve always wanted (at least since last Tuesday, as Pigeon says) a pair of pink cowboy boots. I’m a boot fanatic. Haven’t been in to Road Apples for a while even though I can practically see them from home.

  31. Gosh! How did I not know about this company? I live in cowboy boots, being from Yarmouth a saltwater cowboy is perfect, the pic they have on their Facebook page with the turquoise and brown. Beautiful!

  32. And we have a winner! Winner will be contacted via email by the folks at The Saltwater Cowboy and should they wish, they can make a comment here to let us all know how happy they are! Great contest folks… with a few last minute entries managing to squeak in! Keep reading and following my advertisers… you never know when a new contest will show up! Tell your friends about The Saltwater Cowboy! (Oh… and Curtains are Open!)