Stuff I shouldn’t tell you!

I like peanut butter.
Spread thin.
I hate laundry.
I’m particular how I fold towels.
And socks.
I don’t fold socks.
I love my girlfriends.
I like to sit in a particular spot on the couch.
I hate when someone sits in my spot.
I like control.
I talk in my sleep.
Sometimes I bark.
I used to have panic attacks.
I love lemon meringue pie.
I have a turned up nose.
There’s a birth mark on my elbow.
I always sneeze three times in a row.
I prefer dogs over cats.
I don’t actually like cats.
I hate June bugs.
I don’t dance.
Or bowl.
I don’t wear sweater sets.
My hair is naturally black.
I have trouble trusting people.
I used to trust people.
My eyes are a weird shade of green.
I have freckles.
On my shoulders.
My second toe is bigger than the first.
I burn easily.
I love music.
My closet is messy.
My house is clean.
My mother can sing.
My dad makes me laugh.
I have three kids.
Two brothers.
One dog.
I don’t like to fly.
I don’t know my times tables.
I know sign language.
I can tell what people are saying when they speak French.
I’m scared of messing up.
And noises at night.
And fire.
I think I’m funny.
I make myself laugh.
Sometimes I’m the only one laughing.
Often my Dad laughs.
I’m proud of myself.
I can barbecue.
And mow.
And mulch.
I can kill bugs.
I can’t get stains out of white things.
Or colored things.
I need my family.
Grasshoppers are amazing.
So are Manatee.
My parents are supportive.
I like chocolate covered cherries.
And Corona.
And my flat iron.
And Hersey kisses.
I make mistakes.
I can’t swim.
Or put my face under water.
Or ride a bicycle.
Or ski.
My favourite number is five.
I love my kids.
I’m a good mom.
A really good mom.

10 Replies to “Stuff I shouldn’t tell you!”

  1. I can’t multiply either! Who cares?
    I’ve spent the evening searching specifically for Nova Scotia Bloggers, because I’m tired of reading about the shining sun and heat in California and the business of New York City. I would much rather connect with someone who knows what I am talking about when I say I am buried in snow, snowed in, stuck in my driveway or going shack happy.
    It was nice to meet you. I’ll be back…

    • I’m heading to check out your blog albeit a little late!!! Glad you found me! Sad you can relate with the snow…holy that was a nutty winter!

  2. Ha! I don’t like cats too. And I’m the only one to laugh at my joke. Ugh!

    Just here going around your blog 🙂 loving it already!

    • How is it I’m only now seeing these two comments! And they’re from FEBRUARY!!! Glad you’re enjoying the blog…thanks for checking it out!

  3. Hi!

    I found your comment on and decided to stop by!

    I am Stephanie, and I blog about “Life and Culture with an Alabama Twist.” I’m hoping to curb some of the ridiculous stereotypes about people in Alabama, while also informing and entertaining other moms!

    I’m at, and would lovvvvvvve to be added to your list!

    Best regards,

  4. I love your blog! So impressed by you and your work and thoughts.

    I am especially admiring your grafic talent! Love your 70 reasons why we love you!
    I would love to have your illustrator template! Would that be possible?? My parents are married 50 years on the 30th of October and would love to present them with our love and your beautiful design.

  5. Hey Colleen? Just came across you on FB, your hockey mom article moved me to tears. Our boys played high school hockey together and that experience created a friendship beyond hockey. Love your blog! Take care!

    • Ahhhh…thanks Angela! And yes, the boys have a great friendship…in fact, I’d say it’s one of the key factors in helping Noah to decide where to go to university in the Fall!

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