White wine and bubbly…

We sat at the table after a lovely dinner. Great conversation… lots of laughter… kids hanging out downstairs quietly watching a movie. As the night ends, the men cleared off the table while the women continued to chat over a cup of coffee.

Suddenly… words my friend never wanted to hear! “Honey, we’re out of those cube things so I just used dish detergent.”

You want to see four women jump! You can’t do that! Too late… bubbles were coming out of the dishwasher.

So… for future reference for all women out there whose husbands kindly clear off the table after a dinner party… here is the step-by-step process to fixing the dreaded dish detergent in the dishwasher mistake.

  1. Tell him not to open the dishwasher or bubbles will come tumbling out.
  2. Get annoyed at him for not listening to you and watch as he cleans up the mess on the floor from opening up the dishwasher door.
  3. Have your sister search “my husband is an idiot” on the Internet.
  4. Remove bottom tray of dishes from the dishwasher.
  5. Begin scooping bubbles out of the dishwasher, placing them in the sink, as per your sister’s instructions which were easily found.
  6. Put all your faith in the woman wearing the amazing Prada sunglasses who seems to know everything as she’s explaining “siphoning” to your husband.
  7. Pour a glass of wine and listen to the fabulous story of how your friend knows this technique from removing gas out of her parent’s car when she owned a motorcycle as a teenager.
  8. Send your husband to the basement for a hose and a bucket.
  9. Get annoyed at your husband when he brings up the lobster pot!
  10. Gather your dinner guests around the dishwasher as your friend sucks on one end of the hose and places the other end in the lobster pot.
  11. Laugh as your friend spits out a mouthful of warm, sudsy, dishwasher water into the lobster pot.
  12. Watch in amazement as the water removes itself from the dishwasher and fills the lobster pot.
  13. Pour your friend a glass of wine to remove the sudsy taste from her mouth.
  14. Call all the children upstairs to watch.
  15. Explain to the children how you should NEVER put soap in the dishwasher.
  16. Gather beach towels to soak up the remaining water and bubbles from the bottom of the dishwasher.
  17. Throw the towels at your husband.
  18. Pour a generous amount of vinegar and salt into the dishwasher to “kill the remaining bubbles” as per the instructions your sister read from the Internet.
  19. Look amazed as your husband tells you it was your fault for not picking up those “cube things” at the supermarket.
  20. Close the dishwasher door.
  21. Press Start and wonder how long you’ll be repeating the above twenty steps until all the bubbles are gone!

Had a FANTASTIC time at the dinner party this evening. Good Times. Laughed all the way home!!! The children are sound asleep and I’m thinking of jumping in the bubble bath… better yet… call me crazy… I might even turn on the jets!