Reality sucks…

I’m not sure about Reality Television.

For awhile there, when it first stated, it was new and exciting.  SurvivorBig BrotherFear FactorAmazing Race. I could handle those shows. Competitions.  Voting people out.  Various situations with crazy challenges… seeing how the participants could take the pressure.  Then it got boring for me… watching people eat bugs was turning my stomach.  Seeing them curl up together in dirty clothes trying to keep warm at night while their loved ones were at home and later watching on TV…  doesn’t sit well with me.  Watching people turn on each other… live together… lie and cheat, argue and fight… not my thing.

There’s the “talent” shows…  So You Think You Can DanceAmerican IdolDancing with the StarsNext Top Model.  They usually involve judges, audience voting, some sort of talent.  I got a kick out of them for awhile but again it became boring.  I guess for the people actually “making it” it’s pretty exciting.  Seems the only way you can become a celebrity (or get back your lost fame) is to throw yourself on a reality show or a you tube video.  Check out how it worked for Justin Bieber and watch out for Greyson Chance!  The kid posted a you-tube video that went from a few thousand hits last week… to a million hits this week… to eight million after being seen on Ellen Dejeneres today.  Who knows what will happen after folks read this blog!!!


The “life” shows threw me for a loop.  I was thrilled watching The Osbournes and was equally thrilled when it ended… it was taking everything out of me.  I was pulling for Ozzy but he’s just not all there… screaming at the television wasn’t working… and those damn dogs!  How can people live like that?  The Simple Life… seriously… I couldn’t help myself!  Thankfully Paris and Nicole had a falling out and moved on with their own lives so I could move on with mine!  The Bachelor, Bachelorette… the rose ceremonies… the engagements!  I couldn’t handle watching beyond the first season but I watched the first season like I was addicted and don’t even get me started on Jon and Kate!  Now… The Biggest Loser.  It’s a train wreck and I can’t help myself!  I’m cheering for the underdog and wondering how I can get off my butt to actually run on a treadmill… the workouts are impressive… I’m thrilled for those people… they’re changing their lives right in front of our eyes!

Extreme Home Makeover… it’s half enjoyable when I can see through my tears but I really want them to make a new show… “The Year After Extreme Home Makeover”.  Show me how clean the house stayed.  Show me what it’s like after the bills start coming in.  Show me where they are now… if it changed them… it it changed the kids… good and bad!  I’m desperate to see what happens after the ugly duckling became The Swan!  What happened to her life?  Is she any happier?

I’m tired of reality.  Someone bring back Three’s Company…. FriendsSeinfeld…. Carol Burnett!  I spent twenty plus years watching Soap Operas and gave those up over a year ago… no need watching someone else’s drama when I had my own!  I need something to make me laugh… out loud!  Slapstick needs to make a comeback!

There’s a few shows I’m enjoying and here’s my list.  I don’t miss Modern Family!  That show is witty and brilliant and has full on laugh out loud moments!  The Columbian woman is hilarious and the gay guy… that’s just funny stuff!  Just what I need.  Cougar Town… I can’t resist… maybe it’s something about living on a cul-de-sac (but I’m done with Desperate Housewives!)   When the old cougar showed up this week at the High School Graduation with her other cougar friends for her “Fantasy Picks”… that’s just funny stuff!!!  Then there’s New Adventures of Old Christine… silly…. but some fantastic lines worth remembering… if I could possibly remember any of them.  And finally… for my drama fix, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice… and I prefer Private Practice.  I love a good drama… but really… I’m looking for a good sitcom!

I know there are others… but five is all I can handle.  A girls gotta have some time left for decorating shows and afternoon coronas!  Get out there… stop watching the tube!  Make your own Reality!  Get a life and forget about everyone else’s!

I’m avoiding Jersey Shore like the plague… something tells me I’d absolutely love it!!!