Queens Update III

It’s been a few weeks since a “Queen’s Update” so… here we go.

I met Andrea from Third Street Studios.  What a doll.  Seems fitting to call her a doll… since she makes dolls!  Her two children are adorable… very chatty!  I’ve ordered a couple of her pieces… and I notice a number of you click on her site… hopefully you find Andrea and Sonia’s works as lovely as I do!
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A couple of days after I wrote about the lovely folks at O’Regans… I found myself sitting in the service department to have my summer tires put back on… which ended up needing replacement!  While waiting for my drive home, I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing 90 year old woman named Florence who was there for a brake job… only to discover that she really needed to replace her vehicle.  I watched the serviceman and the salesman treat her with the utmost respect as she put them all in their places… telling them how much longer she planned on driving, what kind of car she wanted and how much she was willing to pay.  We had a nice chat while this extraordinary woman was making men run in circles for her!  What an inspiration… turns out she lives just around the corner from me and I hope to see her again some day.
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I went to my daughter’s school musical a second time… just couldn’t get enough!  A few nights after that I went to her “IB Closing Ceremony” and following that the “Awards Ceremony”.  It’s pretty busy in our house with school coming to a close.  Her prom is next week and graduation after that.  I’m not sure my heart can handle all of the proud moments!  Today we went out and bought a clutch purse, a bracelet and earrings to wear with her exquisite dress and her prom tickets.  My wallet might burst before my heart does!
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Speaking of my wallet.  It was never found.  I’m using my youngest daughter’s coin purse until I can get around to getting a new one!  After phoning the movie theatre THREE times and no one returning my calls, I finally went up to the theatre to check things out for myself.  I followed a helpful young fellow as he went around to FOUR different “Lost and Found” locations before he told me he “didn’t think it was there” but he “coudn’t be sure” as there was “stuff everywhere”.  I think it’s time that Empire had a policy for dealing with things they find… starting with ONE central location for putting the things!!  I did have a chat with a manager at one point while I stood there helplessly… but he was more interested in telling me about their construction delays than actually helping the young fellow locate my missing wallet… or even caring that I lost it.  Apparently the fact that my phone calls weren’t returned was again due to construction delays… they aren’t operating out of their “normal offices”.  I guess I just picked a bad time to go to the movies.
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Sobeys emailed.  They thanked me for my comments and were looking into why I could only find lemons on their self checkout and not limes!  (I guess they didn’t get the part about the user being a moron!)  I’ve not used a self checkout since that dreadful day, but many of you had fun stories to share.  A few of you who had never done so before, gathered the courage to check yourself out!  I’m currently out of both limes… and Corona.
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The school fair wasn’t too bad… I hung out with a few friends and enjoyed watching the kids tape the Vice Principal to the wall.  I’ve managed to get a few things done around the house… all by myself!  (With the help of my dad, my brother and my darling son!)  I gave in and put the tower of towels away… and bought a jenga game.  A mosquito bit me on the eye on my weekend away with the girls which was by far… one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time… even with a swollen eye!
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It’s been a few great weeks.  I’m relaxed.  I’ve a few busy ones ahead.  Forgive me if I miss a day or two in the next bit… I’ll be hanging out with my kids… lacing prom dresses… reading report cards… preparing for summer… vacationing…. living this amazing, wonderful, content and happy life!

So many of you are sending emails, writing comments and reading… thanks… it keeps me writing!  Keeps me motivated… lifts my heart.

It’s good to be Queen.

2 Replies to “Queens Update III”

  1. Wow, what lovely compliments! Thanks so much. It was great meeting you, too. The kids also enjoyed it – so often we scurry in and out of stores so fast, intent on our tasks (ie. looking both ways, having good manners, LOL). It was nice to sit for a bit, drink tea and chat.

    I'm looking forward to meeting with you again in the future!