She’ll be in Paris soon…

It’s “Prom Day”.  Toes are painted, makeup is purchased, hair appointment in a few hours… corsage to be picked up.

Sun is shining!

Dress will be laced.  Photographer at three.  Limo at four.  Followed by a trip to the gardens and then to the “Grand March” to wish them well and hope they have a night they’ll never forget!

To the theme of “A Night in Paris”.

I’ve a few things left to do before the big event.  I’m feeling a little verclempt.. and before you go looking that up… it’s “choked with emotion”.

I’ll have plenty to say tonight… grab a few tissues before you read.  The way I’m feeling right now… it’s gonna be a sappy one!

2 Replies to “She’ll be in Paris soon…”

  1. Now don't go getting all verclempt! You'll make your mascara run…

    So funny to hear someone use that word – I recently had to explain myself to a co worker after describing someone's behaviour as verclempt.

    I don't envy you. Thankfully I have a few years left before I have to worry about this event. But I admit, I often find myself becoming a little verclempt when I think about my daughter's first day of school. Not sure how I'm going to handle that one…

    Good luck, though.