It’s not the cough that carries you off…

Pretty sure if I tried real hard I could hack up a fur ball.


In the morning, as I lay in bed, there’s a faint “mew” of a kitten coming from my chest.

I think he lives in there.

Seems I’ll be hanging out on the couch a few more days before this chest infection decides it’s done with me.  And since I’m here… I may as well rest in peace!

The “Coffin Couch” is made from recycled, never used, rejected-for-various-reasons coffins… brilliantly yet oh so creepily… repurposed into couches, love seats and chairs.  Quite possibly found in the homes of the Addam’s family, Alice Cooper and the Osbourne’s.

And I’m thinking of ordering one.

It will go perfectly with the hacking, coughing and Halloween decorating happening around this house lately.

Problem is, I’m afraid the damn cat that lives in my chest will scratch up the leather.

I wonder if they come in satin?

For pricing and a look at the various couches available… visit