Quite a sight in tighty whites…

If a woman struts around in her lingerie, going about her business with cameras on her twenty four seven while people watch… making money… it’s porn right?
Meet Mark.  For the last 20 days he’s become a porn star!  Alright he’s not a porn star but he’s hanging out in his organic, stretch, seamless, supreme poly cotton and cotton boxers, briefs and long johns under the watchful eye of… well… anyone who wants to watch.  And he’s making money!


For cancer.

Testicular cancer.

Each day Mark dons a new pair of Stanfield’s undergarments.  Showing them off in style.  Going about his daily business of cooking meals, checking emails, watching tv, hanging with friends, chatting on line, doing chores and playing video games.  It’s not all boring either… he’s had his chest waxed, a tattoo, a blind date AND a visit from Strombo since locked up in skivvy jail!

And you guys thought the Osprey sitting on an egg with a nest cam was exciting!

Forty seven thousand one hundred and eighty one of us have clicked “Like” on “The Guy at Home in His Underwear” Facebook page.  When he reaches fifty thousand, Stanfield’s will donate that amount of cash to Mark’s cause.

For a guy with fake balls… the guys got balls!

Enjoy your last five days Mark… I’ll be watching as for once I don’t have an issue with a guy roamin’ around the house all day in his underwear!  (Just don’t leave all 25 pairs on the floor by the side of the bed at the end of it all!)

Click on the site to give him more support than the banana hammock he wore last week!

2 Replies to “Quite a sight in tighty whites…”

  1. This is great. I always learn from you when you write. I had no idea about this cause. Very cool!
    I clicked like.