It’s a rap…

My boy’s been wearing his hat sideways for about a year now… “trying to look all G” he tells me.

Did you know “G” stands for Gangster?

Good Lord!

For his birthday, his little sister asked me to pick her brother up the Eminem CD.  I purchased it, but didn’t see the Parental Advisory sticker until I got home!  The CD’s been sitting in my cupboard since August.

Today I saw a great rap video, however, seems I’m behind the times as millions have seen it before me!  I don’t know a whole lot about rap music, but I’m quite taken by this 7 year old singer… keeping it clean and sending his message!

According to his Dad, MattyB has wanted to dance and sing since he was five.  I don’t doubt it… this kid’s a lot of fun to watch.  With the encouragement of his family and his rapper cousin MarsRaps, he’s having a ball rapping remixes, parodies, covers and original tunes!  He has a YouTube Channel that Dad controls where you can watch various videos, radio interviews and interviews with his cousin and keep up to date with what’s going on with this adorable talent.  If you’d like to make a comment or a suggestion, Dad will pass the age appropriate information along.

MattyB is missing a few front teeth, playing baseball, swimming, drawing and hanging out with his friends… typical in many ways… except that he raps and makes videos!  From everything I’ve seen… he’s loving it!

This my friends is a talented kid.  I especially enjoyed the parody of the new Willow Smith video “Whip My Hair”.  I’d seen Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s daughter’s video just this morning.  Willow’s video and MattyB’s parody show talented kids… with a helluva lot of parental support behind them.  Nothing feels better than helping make your children’s dreams come true!

Check out MattyB’s family friendly site.  Share it with your kids.  Have some fun and enjoy the video below.  There’s nothing better than rapping about Kookie Pens, Silly Bandz, Purple Sunglasses, Star Wars Lego, Skateboards and a Pet Rock… except maybe rapping about a car!

I can’t wait for my sideways-hat-wearing-music-loving son to get home from school so I can share this with him!

In the meantime, I can’t find the receipt for the Eminem “Recovery” CD.  If you want it… it’s yours!  (As long as you promise you won’t give it to a twelve year old!)