Pain a la butt…

Gib and I went out to for a quick little run to one of our favorite little strips.  But you don’t strip there.  Just thought I should clear the air on that one.

We arrived before it opened… Gib and I are like that… it’s always better to be early than late, unless of course it’s your funeral… in which case it would be best not to be early.

We parked and went for coffee at Julien’s Patisserie.  I had tea and a “Pain au Chocolate” which I love to eat but hate to order.  I want to ask for a “bun with chocolate inside” but Didier the owner is French… I think… and everything in the store has a European name attached to it… like Croissant.

Gib ordered a “Cafe au Lait”.  I said “what’s that” and she explained that it was some sort of foamy milky coffee… an “espresso” of sorts.  I still wasn’t sure what that was and besides I thought it was called “expresso”.

What do I know?

I never order fancy drinks ’cause I don’t know what they are.  And I don’t like the sound the machines make when they fancify the coffee… it reminds me of the sounds inside a dentist’s office.

Gib’s extravagant coffee arrived and it looked like it was in a French Onion Soup bowl… which I guess makes sense because it’s a French bakery.  The look on Gib’s face made me realize she hadn’t seen it served like that before.

“How you drinkin’ that?”, I asked as I poured my orange pekoe from a proper teapot into a small mug.  I was smiling ’cause I was pretty sure Gib didn’t know what she was doing.  (Serves her right for ordering something swanky.)  “With this”, she said as she held up the soup spoon sitting on the plate next to the coffee.  “Hmmmm”, I replied… and continued to enjoy my tea and my pastry with really awesome chocolate inside.

We were having a nice conversation.  But I don’t know what it was about.  Gib was drinking the foamy milk and coffee from a bowl with a soup spoon and while I was mighty impressed with the way she was sipping the liquid from the spoon… the foamy milk making an impressive Movember stache… I was pretty sure it was wrong.  This was shaping up to be a really good day and we were only on coffee.

“I think you’re supposed to pick it up and drink it like a coffee cup”, I said.  “Don’t be ridiculous”, she barked back.  “OK… is it good?”, I asked.  She said it was, then asked what time it was… and I told her that it was after ten and the stores were probably open and then she said “let’s just go”.  “You’re finished your soup?”, I asked her.  And she said, “Yes you moron… I’m finished my soup!”

I like when Gib and I are early for things.

“We don’t go for coffee enough”, I said.  “Get out”, she replied as she held the door for me to leave.

We really do need to go for coffee more.

3 Replies to “Pain a la butt…”

  1. laughing at the expresso comment … while i know it's ess-press-o, i call totally still sya it wrong. i'm not very fancy. 😉

  2. OMG, so funny that I had to share. I just caught up on a lot of your blogs on the weekend including this one about Julien's. Today at work, a client came in with treats from a bakery and our receptionist couldn't remember the name of the bakery to tell me where they were from. When she started putting them on a plate, I noticed the 'pain au chocolate' like in your picture in this blog and asked her if they were from Julien's and she said they were. Too funny that I recognized the piece of bread from seeing it in your blog on the weekend. : )