You’re welcome…

OK… so the other night I was downtown and I was introduced to a friend of a friend as “this is Queen… the one who writes the blog” and next thing you know she buys me a beer!

HOLY CRAP!  I’m writing for beer!!

This got me thinkin’!  We all know I write ’cause I love it.  Sometimes a post turns out all right and sometimes they suck (which reminds me… the block I’m going through lately is pretty bad but I’m trudgin’ my way through it with hope it’ll turn around soon!)

Anyway… along with the sheer thrill of getting my thoughts out, I also write for comments.  I love what you have to say… when I make you laugh… when I make you cry… when I inspire or impress you.  It thrills me when I’m out in public and I’m stopped to discuss something I wrote, how you’re visiting places I recommend, how we’re all struggling through this wonderful life… all very much the same.  I get a kick out of it.  It’s thrilling… it really is!

So now… along with the simple joy of blogging and the thrill of every comment… I write for beer!  (Except we’ll call it coffee ’cause I don’t want my mother to think I’m a complete lush!)  I’ll be like a street musician with my guitar case open!  A squeegee kid washing your windows at a red light.  A busker passing the tip hat.  Or… just a blogger… who likes to drink write!

If you read a post you particularly like and it gets you thinking “If I ever met Queen I’d buy her a coffee” or “If Queen and I were downtown right now I’d get her a beer” or “I should take Queen on a shopping spree ’cause she says such wonderful things about me” or “That’s such an awesome blog I should give Queen all of my hard earned money ’cause I can’t imagine it’s easy lying around on the couch in your pyjamas with a laptop and a desire to tell your deepest darkest secrets to the whole world” then seriously… go right ahead!  I’m doing this for you!

You’re welcome!

Click on the Donate button on the right hand side of my blog under the cup of coffee (notice the heart shaped foam on top as I can only assume you’re sending me loving thoughts) and use your Paypal account to buy me a beer new pair of shoes tank of gas coffee.

I love you too!

PS… it’s the 25th Anniversary of “Roll up the Rim” at Tim Hortons… but again, chances are I won’t be rolling up the rim!  I will however peel off the beer label on the bottle… just for you.

3 Replies to “You’re welcome…”

  1. I enjoy your blogs every day and I would buy you a beer oops coffee any time I run into you…you give me something to think about every day..Thanks for that!!! Belinda

  2. Would love to have you come down for a beer,coffee,or anything else that's in the cupboard anytime.
    A smile,a giggle,a tear-occasionally.(very occasionally)a yawn,but you're never on ignore in this house.

  3. Roll up the rim 25th anniversary – reminded meof being stuck in a Timmie's drive-thru today. It took forever. When it was my turn, I think it was because the girl spent so much time introducing herself……"Hi Welcome Horton's, this is "Amy" , we're celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Roll Up the Rim; can I take your order please?" OMG – I was about to lose it….

    I'm at Tim's, on my way back to work, and just want a coffe…."Welcome (I already know I'm at Tim's), can I take your order? (I don't need to know your name, we're not friends!!).

    Ooops, turned into a pet peeve rant and not a comment on your blog. I'd love to buy you a coffee sometime Queen, Tim's is fine, as long as the gal who waits on us doesn't try to join us!

    Keep writing….I love reading, and as you can tell, love writing too!