Queen’s eleventh update…

It’s my eleventh update which means one thing and one thing only… next month will be the one year anniversary of writing this blog!!!

We enjoyed the excitement of the Canada Games this month. I had full intention of seeing gymnastics, swimming and speed skating but we only managed to take in hockey!  I heard from both Kelly Bent and Brett McNeil’s moms after I wrote a post about them… both pleased that I said nice things about their boys but it’s not like I was telling them something they didn’t already know!  I had a great night out with Troy Ryan, Assistant Coach for the team, and he had great things to say about the boys as well… and after spending an evening out with me… probably has great things to say about me too!
Post: “Pwned…”

We managed to make it to Martock several times over the two week break to take in a bit of skiing and enjoy the luxurious comforts of the ski lodge. With spring in the air, there’s great fear that we may have seen the end of the season, but I’ve reminded the kids we live in Nova Scotia… and anything is possible. As far as playing a little U2 for my boy… I changed my mind and have instead introduced him to the joys of Zeppelin… however, he’s still a Bieber fan!
Post:s: “Apres Ski…” and “I love U2…”

I heard from Mr. Paul Lamb after our big night out at the Lower Deck. He enjoyed the lovely things I had to say about him and thinks I’m just as wonderful. I’ve a bit of work to do to get him to teach me to play guitar but you never know.
Post: “Life is good…”

Awwww… my friend Maria emailed to with me every bit of happiness for my future. Her Dad’s beautiful painting is my inspiration.  I’ll never be able to repay the kindness except to “pay it forward” every single time I see someone who could do with a bit of happiness in their life!
Post: “Bouquet Radiante…”

With both girls having birthdays this month I went into full nostalgia mode. I remember the days they were born like they were yesterday… both of them incredibly different yet each with so much hope for the future. It’s hard not to look at your daughters and all they are and not see tremendous hope and joy. There’s a whole world of excitement out there for each of them… just waiting for them to embrace.  I can try my best to teach from what I’ve learned but the best thing I can do for them is to lead by example. I’m proud of my girls… and I truly believe that they’re equally proud of me.
Posts: “Ninteen…”, “Bucket head…” and “The Monkey Show…”

I added a button on my blog for you to buy me a coffee and a few of you actually did! I admit, I never purchased a single coffee with the funds you put in my account but the wonderful woman from Cape Breton who thinks I’m the “best thing since sliced bread” didn’t intend for me to purchase coffee anyway (though I think my father did!)  While I appreciate you throwing spare change my way I encourage you to throw your spare change and anything else you can muster to the relief efforts in Japan.  I’ve everything I need… but there are so many people who need our help right now.
Post: “You’re welcome…”

The Ouija board is no longer in my house. Even so… I close my daughter’s room when she’s not here… just in case.
Post: “Ouija…”

The “Ratomir Kovacevic” post recieved more “Likes” and “Shares” than anything I’ve written to date (but I did only add the buttons this month so it’s quite possible you would have “liked and shared” something else but couldn’t because the buttons weren’t there.) In any case, a lot of folks feel a deep connection with this man who has done so much for the children who play soccer in our community. Last night was the auction, and from everything I hear it was packed and Ratomir himself walked into the room to a thunderous applause, uncontrollable tears of joy and a lengthy standing ovation!  Yes… walked… with only the assistance of a cane!  The night was a HUGE success with generous donations coming from many.  He has a long way to go for his recovery, but there’s an entire community behind him and as I’ve said before… with a community behind you… you can do anything!!
Post: “Ratomir Kovacevic…”

Since I’m on the “Like, Tweet and Share” buttons, here’s how they work. If you “Like” a post, click on Like and it will make note of it on your facebook wall. Likewise, if you use Twitter, click on Tweet and it will do the same. EVEN BETTER, click on SHARE to put a link on your facebook wall for all of your friends to access and possibly like as well!!  Unfortunately for me, I can’t tell who clicks on Like, Share or Tweet, so if you’d like to send me a note, click on the Comment button, become a Facebook fan or follow me on Twitter… or go ahead and buy me that coffee!

Speaking of liking or not liking what I write… I never heard from Debbie Travis after I wrote about our very loosely paraphrased conversation about her Girl’s Getaway in Tuscany.  However, three people that I know of have looked into this trip of a lifetime so even if my new friend Debbie (I’m not entirely sure we’re friends anymore) didn’t like what I wrote… my readers did!  Regardless, I still added Debbie’s Girls’ Getaway weekend to my bucket list…and chances are I’ll see a few of you there.
Post: “Debbie Travis’ Girls Getaway…”

I took the Christmas lights down today and I also took note that the neighbours I “called out” about their wreathes took them off their front doors!  Jess pointed out that my boy actually sold the wreathes as part of his hockey fundraising which is totally true… and I appreciate the fact that so many of my neighbours purchased them and hung them for soooooooo long.  Ms. Pam Barr pointed out that she was indeed a truly wonderful singer and proceeded to remove the wreathe without argument.  Prada… well… apparently she had hers down the day before I wrote the post so I mis-spoke.  I’d like to apologize to my dear friend and neighbour for commenting about her holiday wreathe being up for too long when in fact she removed it the first week of March!  In the meantime, the snow has been gone for a full week and I’ve yet to get out to clean up my yard.  I did pick up the dog crap on both sides of the house that border my neighbours… but there’s more to do… and tomorrow to do it!
Post: “And that’s why I need a unicorn…”

Other than that… I joined the Canada Games Center with the kids and am greatly enjoying dropping them off at the pool and walking the track.  I’m not sure it’s making a difference on my hip yet but it can’t hurt.  The center is absolutely beautiful and I think we’ll get great enjoyment out of it.  I also attended a “Girls Night Out” with the Progress Center and had a tremendous time with a great group of friends.  I didn’t post about the event as I had a bit of a headache and wasn’t entirely sure how to word “holy crap women go absolutely bonkers when fire fighters show up at an all women event!”  Also… I’m not sure what to think of Burlesque Dancers doing their thing while all the ladies were still on a high from the fire fighters!  I will say it was a tremendous event with a large gathering of women and WOW those dancers have amazing calf muscles!!  Kind of makes me think I should start exercising on a pole rather than a track.

That’s it for the wrap up for another month… Spring is in the air and my calendar is booked for the next month.  Lots of adventures ahead my friends… and you’ll be hearing about them all!  Well… most of them anyway!