Happy blogiversary…

It’s hard to believe that one year ago today I started my dream of writing. I’d been filling the pages of my personal journals since I was a young girl and decided to put my daily ramblings into a blog…never dreaming it would “fill me” the way it has.

Writing is “in” me…I’ve always known there were words inside that need to come out and I’ve tried my best to get my ramblings out there…sometimes hitting the nail on the head, other times failing miserably.

I’ve received comments, emails and encouragement from friends, family and complete strangers! Nothing thrills me more than receiving a genuine comment…it really is amazing to hear what you have to say.

I’ve discovered a few things along the way…

  • I can spend hours writing a post and not receive many comments but the one I pound out in fifteen minutes is the one that receives the most responses!
  • A post one person dislikes is the same post someone else loves.
  • If a post makes me cry…chances are it will make you cry too.
  • I can’t be funny every day… in fact I’m often not funny at all.
  • I make a lot of grammar mistakes and even when I review a post ten times, there’ll always be a typo.
  • Sometimes people are nervous about what they say around me…I hear “don’t put that in your blog” a lot!
  • The nicknames I’ve given my friends are becoming their nicknames in real life as well.
  • Everyone wants a nickname.
  • More people call me Queen than ever before.
  • Despite all I’ve been through, I’m 100% normal.
  • I’ve discovered I can’t write every day…mostly because some days I’m just too busy…or just don’t have it in me.
  • Some things are just too personal to put into words.
  • I’m stronger than I thought.
  • When I’m facing a block it’s best to write my way through it even if it produces posts I’m not entirely happy with.
  • A lot of folks offer advice.
  • I usually just do what feels right.
  • I rarely ignore my “gut”…unless my girlfriends tell me otherwise.
  • I believe in the folks who advertise on the site!
  • Many of you follow me through twitter and facebook and I feel as if I’ve a great number of new and wonderful friends in my life.
  • I love when you share a link to a post on facebook.
  • I’m funnier on Twitter!
  • I can keep secrets…but I’d REALLY love to tell some of those secrets!
  • I fiercely protect the people I love and am very careful what I say about them.
  • I delete a lot of curse words before I hit the “publish” button.

I can’t begin to tell you how important this blog is to me…first because I love to write, second because I feel as if I’m being heard…that I belong…that people care and in some small way I’m making a difference.

On my one year Blogiversary, I want to thank you for welcoming me into your life.  I never dreamt I’d continue this for as long as I have but when I look back on all I’ve accomplished this year…I’m proud of who I am and where I’m going…and I’m happy to share it with all of you.

The curtains are always open…


11 Replies to “Happy blogiversary…”

  1. OK- so I know this wasn't one of your posts that should have made me tear up. But it did.
    It has been YEARS since I've seen you in person, but when we have our next meeting (Crap-we should be having a reunion soon…how can we be getting older?) I feel like I have seen you just yesterday.
    Thank you for your wonderful sense of humour, irony, and style!
    Lisa (Gaudet)

  2. Thanks for a whole year of giggles,grunts and tears! Keep writing and I'll keep reading.
    Xoxo -Ticker

  3. Did someone tell you to leave something out…I can't imagine.

    Thanks for making me laugh, cry and run with scissors.
    Love Gibxoxo

  4. Thank You for sharing your thoughts and feelings,I look forward to reading your blogs,you are the best at putting things into words and I am so glad I get to go on this journey with you!!! Life still has big plans for us!! From your personal Hairstylist..who has had the pleasure of knowing you a long time!!! B. xoxo

  5. thank you for a great year of blogging…….I look forward to many more to come…..

  6. Happy 1st Blogiversary!! I love to read your daily ramblings. 🙂 They make me smile, laugh, cry and remember how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my family.

  7. @Lisa… awwwww, that's adorable. I'm so glad we've reconnected after so many years and next time you're in town I'd love to get together for a drink. Give that beautiful dog of yours a squish for me… and Dick as well. I love that you married a dick… not that I'm saying he's a dick or anything but I love that you married someone named dick. You know what I mean right? Ah hell… this isn't making sense… forget about dick and just give the dog a hug from me!)

    @Ticker… your grunt when you read some of my posts? WTF??

    @Gib… you stop me from writing a lot of things and I really appreciate it. For example, when commenting on Lisa's comment I was going to say that I married a dick as well but then thought you'd probably say something like "don't give them any attention at all" so I deleted it. I try to think of what you'd say before I actually publish things expecially when I'm irritated about something. I figure you're probably really proud of me. You're welcome.

    @B… I love you. Mostly because I have really good hair and you're been my hair dresser for over 20 years but also because you're this famulous person who I like spending time with. But mostly because I have good hair.

    @p… you could be Paul, or Patricia, or Patty, or Penelope, or Pete, or any number of names that begin with P. I knew who B was because she mentioned my hair but P is baffling me a bit. Wait a minute… is that you PRADA?

    @Kat… Someday I will write a blog to tell the world how much you mean to me. The thing is… there just aren't enough words. xxxooo.

    For the other hundreds of folks who read my posts each day… I love you as well. Well… actually some of you I only like. For that matter, many of you I don't even know. Keep sending your comments and emails and notes on the FB fan site and Tweets… it's lovely to hear from all of you. Do whatever works for you… just don't be a dick!

  8. I hate the word expecially. It's not even a word. It's just that the x is next to the s and sometimes I mess up when I type! I apologize for saying "expecially".