‘Cause that’s how I bowl….

So last night we…. well… and then…. ummmmm… it’s just that I promised I wouldn’t say….. ummmm…. well…. it’s not like we did anything we shouldn’t have it’s just that…. damn… there’s really not a lot I can tell you to be totally honest and besides… I promised I wouldn’t mention it in today’s blog.

It was Red’s birthday.  Remember Red?  She’s the owner of Mudwraps to Manicures and is a member of my fabulous and entertaining group of girlfriends.  Ever since we witnessed that murder on the beach last year, we’ve all kind of bonded in a “we know there’s a serial killer on the loose” kind of way.  Anyway, Red threw a party fit for an eight year old as not only did it involve fifteen excited girls in party hats eating cupcakes… we actually donned comfortable flats worn by many before us and went bowling!  
Each time it was Red’s turn, she approached the lane a la Fred Flintstone… all tippy toed and adorable with a celebration at the end of each ball whether she knocked all ten pins down or only managed to graze one.  All was going well until several pitchers of beer into the night, the lights suddenly went out in Red’s lane.  While awaiting patiently, the fellow from Fairlanes headed into the pit below to sort things out.  It didn’t take very long before he crawled out of the pit, headed back up the alley and with an odd expression on his face, placed something in Red’s hands.

With great shock and bewilderment, Red realized she was holding the remains of yet another beheaded and missing armed body…. the serial murderer had struck again.  With angst on her face (or what we imagined to be angst), Red unwrapped a note which read “You can’t PIN this on me.”  Not wanting to disturb the festivities, Red kept her cool and asked that everyone continue to enjoy themselves despite the horrific crime she’d uncovered.

It wasn’t the only crime we’d witness that evening.

With two strings played we removed our colorful shoes, changed back into heels and continued on to Durty Nelly’s where we… ummmmm…. well……. it’s just that at first we weren’t sure if….. and then we wondered if it was possible that…. ummmmm…. suffice it to say there was a bit of discussion about……. oh never mind!

Some crimes are best left unsolved!
It was another fantastic night with my girls… Red, Prada, Crazy, Gib, CA and my Tweeps along with a few of Red’s friends who happily and willingly joined us in the gutter!

Happy Birthday my funny, funny friend. 
I love you.