The queen was in her counting house…

It’s been a sentimental month and I’m trying to shake this mood.  This morning… I purposely told myself it was going to be a good day but when opening my car door to drive my youngest to school… realized my car had been broken into.  Glove box open, center console emptied, CDs and crap everywhere!

Lucky for me I don’t keep valuables in the car… nor apparently do I have a thief’s taste in music… but my impressive coffee stash was terribly depleted leaving me with the penny collection I wasn’t interested in using anyway.

I wonder how much money one of those assholes makes opening up unlocked car doors and rifling through crap?

Yeah, yeah… it was unlocked.  On reflection I recall hearing “Mom where are your keys?” yelled out last evening as homework that had been left in the car had to be retrieved.  I should have yelled back “don’t forget to lock the car!” but surely I would have heard a response of “I’m not an idiot you know!” or some other lovely pre-teen retort I’m getting tired of.

I’ve a child to deal with when they get home from school but first I should probably shake this mood.

I know… I’ll grab myself a coffee… just as soon as I’m done counting out these damn pennies.