Talkin’ trash…

I’m so tired…

In fact, the other day I was so pooped I really didn’t know which way was up!

It started with the girls showing up on Friday morning.  First Prada, then Crazy, then Gib.  Next thing you know, coffee and conversation were flowing and within the blink of an eye, kids were arriving home for lunch!

The afternoon consisted of errands and it wasn’t long before plans were altered, the girls arrived back, coffee was promptly switched to wine and conversation was replaced with Indian Leg Wrestling!  (Had it gone later there was definite potential for baby doll pyjamas and pillow fights!)

The evening found me at my son’s hockey practice napping in the parking lot then finally hauling my sorry butt home… only to be greeted by Gib holding a bottle of wine and requesting my presence at the lovely and talented Ms. Pam Barr’s home where we continued the days activities and arrived home much later than anticipated.

That was Friday!

I’m telling you all of this for one reason only and that is… you need to understand just how tired I was when my lack of sleep caused me to do what I did on Sunday night!

OK… Saturday had me thinking I was sleeping in and taking a long leisurely trip through the market but there were errands to run and next thing you know, Prada was calling for me to join her on a crazy Prada Adventure… it was her birthday after all!  The night found me at the Lower Deck for supper and music with my “Tweeps” before heading out to a fundraiser to see “The Hopping Penguins”.  Sadly, my body began shutting down on me and I was back home and in bed before midnight (I hear there were folks crawling home as the sun was coming up but chances are they weren’t as busy as I was on Friday!!)

Sunday had me on the road for a wonderful day visiting family then back in time for the “Organ Donation Awareness” hockey game and onto my boy’s practice from there… however, it was just before heading to the rink that I had what my son seemed to think was a “senior moment” and even though I’m almost 15 years shy of being a senior… I have to agree.

Do you see why I couldn’t just start this story by telling you I was tired from a crazy busy weekend?  It needed much more of an explanation.

Anyway… I was desperate for caffeine and not that I’m trying to make excuses for myself but I should preface this story by saying I’m not sleeping well.  My hip is causing so much discomfort at the moment that I’m heading back to physio.  You can’t actually “see” the pain this time around as I’m not limping anymore but trust me when I tell you it’s driving me nuts to the point I’m only getting about five hours sleep a night… and if I was being totally honest, one of the reasons I checked out early on Saturday night was that I was just too damn uncomfortable and found myself contemplating stealing the canes and walkers of the numerous elderly folk that all came out to raise money for the Hubbards Yatch Club.  It’s possible another reason I went home early… not that I didn’t greatly enjoy seeing a ton of folk I hadn’t seen in awhile… was that most of the folk out that night were married.  But that’s a different issue.

So anyway… here’s what happened…

I was pulling up to the Tim Horton’s drive through when I rolled down my window and made my simple request of “large tea with milk please” which was followed by a “pardon?”

Turning down my music and putting my head further out the window I repeated my request in a louder and clearer voice of “large tea with milk please” which was followed with a “could you speak a little louder please”.

I should also tell you I have little patience and was about to totally lose my mind as I leaned out of the car to speak ridiculously loud into the “Timbit’s” ear assuming she was either hard of hearing, wearing a faulty earpiece or stupid… when I suddenly realized I was talking to the trash bin!

The speaker was about five feet back.

I told you I was tired!

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