Oh dear no donair…

So… Friday Night I started to write a blog that turned out to be rather boring… but I wasn’t done editing and playing with it when Gib arrived to chit chat and throw a few more things in the vault.  Then, after a glass or two of wine and great company with one of my best girls… I never bothered making this more exciting and didn’t bother to publish it but here’s what I’d written…
– – – –

Alright alright I’ll stay home… sheesh!

I admit I need to color my hair and apply self tanner before tomorrow and tonight is probably the best night to get at it but still, I could have handled an hour or two on the town and to be totally honest, Crazy’s offer of donairs really wasn’t cutting it.

Actually, come to think of it, Crazy didn’t really make the offer.  What she bbm’d was “Mom and Dad are here and we’re going to get donairs. Hahaha”.

Regardless, I’ll take that to mean she was inviting me to join them if I was interested!

The girls are all busy tonight.  Red and Gib are home hanging out with her kids… so are my Tweeps.  Nip’s saving herself for tomorrow night, Prada’s at a hockey tournament, CA’s not answering her phone and Crazy’s home with her parents ordering donairs.   Last weekend I partied like a fool and have a hankerin’ for more… but alas… the girls I hang with are busy when I’m free.

WAIT… NEVER MIND… phone just rang and Gib’s on her way over.  Hmmmm….. wonder if she’s interested in ordering donairs?

– – – –

So… that’s what I was kind of working on but didn’t bother posting ’cause it was boring and Gib arrived and we got to chatting and had a really nice night just hanging out and next thing I knew it was almost midnight and I’d neither self tanned nor had I colored my hair!

However… on Saturday there was a little twist to the story that made it funny!

Mid morning I got a bbm message from Crazy that said something like “Sorry… didn’t mean to send that to you that.  Whatcha’ doin?”  To which I said something like “Coloring my hair and self tanning but what didn’t you mean to send me?”  She replied with “the message about getting donairs” and I said “Oh, you weren’t inviting me for donairs?” and she said no… apparently she meant to send the message to her husband.

So glad to spend a bit of time with Gib on Friday night.

And so happy to have a friend like Crazy.

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