Everyone has a story… I mean store!

I have a store!  I’m officially selling products to flog my blog! 

For those of you who tell me you pour yourself a cup of tea every morning and then sit back to read what I wrote… for you… a mug.  You’re welcome!

For those who follow me and think it would be hilarious to have a t-shirt with “Follow Me” written on the back which is definitely better than a shirt with “Kick Me” written on the back… I made you a t-shirt so you can wear it everywhere and people will follow you!  Well… they’ll ask you what it means and then you’ll turn around and show them the front which says “Curtains are Open” and you’ll tell them I’m awesome and then they’ll follow me… not you.  Sorry.  I’d write “Follow You” on the back of a shirt but that doesn’t make sense and besides I want them to follow me and not you.   

And for those of you who don’t want people following them and don’t drink tea… I made a pin.  Not only that… I drew the crown myself!!!  Just like a two year old… except probably better than a two year old but not quite as good as how a forty two year old should draw!  Hey… maybe next year after I do my Graphic Design course I’ll actually learn how to make something that looks better than what I drew… but until then… enjoy the ridiculously drawn crown!  (I think it’s adorable… but whatever!)

Here’s my Zazzle Store.  Buy something if you want, or not… I’m not really sure how it works but supposedly they produce my designs and send them to your address after you pay them and it’s a reputable company.  I can make iPod cases too… and aprons… and dog shirts… and mouse pads!!!!

All I know is if I’m out somewhere and I see someone wearing a Follow Me shirt I’m gonna totally freak!

From time to time I plan on adding more stuff to the store that has something to do with what I’ve written that may or may not put a smile on your face… like I was thinking of making “IDIT” and “MRN” t-shirts for the week I didn’t have an O key on my keyboard and referred to myself as an idiot and a moron but I can’t think of anything to write on the back about not having an O which didn’t sound twisted so I didn’t bother.  I might make them anyway. 

Check out my STORE!!!