Italian night…

I’ve been invited to join the neighbourhood dinner club and Friday night is “Italian Night”.  Apparently I have to bring a hot Italian dish and it’s proving to be more difficult than I thought.  In fact, no amount of searching on-line is bringing me the results I need.

Anyone know a single, hot, Italian who’d be interested in joining me as my dinner guest next week?  I’m the only single person invited so the expectations for me to bring just the right hot dish is huge!  I’m assuming he should be tall… dark…  incredibly handsome… beautifully dressed… and have the ability to converse with and charm both the men and women around the dinner table.  He should probably know something about food… maybe wine… but mostly he should just be Italian… and really good looking.

It’s tough finding the right guy… so much pressure.  Why couldn’t it be Newfoundland night?  Do you know how many single Newfoundlanders are online wearing their sou’ westers, holding a bottle of Screech and kissing a cod?  As if das de profile pic das gonna’ snag ’em da perfect woman b’y!

I’ve four days to find an Italian but if all else fails, I’ll probably just make something to eat and hope next month is a little easier.

I hear Italians are a little tough to find!