Light Italian…

Tonight is “Italian Dinner Club” and while I was unsuccessful in finding a single, hot, Italian to take as my date, I plan on deciding by the end of the day what I’ll bring as an appetizer!

If and when I get my car back.

My “check engine” light came on last week and a scan through the garage’s computer had them fixing a simple issue yesterday but when parking the car, the light came back on!  They’re investigating some sort of major fuel issue thingamajiggy.  The service guy explained it in detail but all I could hear was the “whaaa whaaaa whaaa” reminiscent of Charlie Brown’s teacher as he spouted off words like “injectors” and “corroded” and “not an easy fix” and “seventeen step process”.  My only question was whether or not this process is covered by the warranty that Pompous made me buy.  (Pompous is one of the boys I grew up with… one of my favorite people in the world who manages the car dealership and sold me my car after the death of my mini-van.  He isn’t really pompous at all… ok, maybe a bit… but he insisted I buy this warranty thing so at this very moment I think he’s quite fabulous!)

Anyway… yes, it’s all covered under warranty.  They just aren’t sure when it will be fixed… or what exactly the problem is.

All I know is not having a car in the driveway is painful.  Being a single mom with one car and three kids who have to get to various sports and activities while I take the opportunity each and every time to drive through Starbucks for my daily fix is not happening at the moment.  I can handle the kids not getting where they’re supposed to be… but the lack of caffeine is a bit of an issue!

On top of that… I suddenly want to take a long relaxing drive though I’d never typically go for a drive on a Friday morning and there’s nothing relaxing about watching the needle on your gas tank head into the empty zone.  I’m desperate to get to the gym but oddly enough when I have my car the need for the gym doesn’t quite strike me this way.  I’ve a hankering to head to my favorite decorating shops and spend some “fun money” when in reality I don’t actually have any.  I’m also in need of a pedi, a brow wax, batteries, patio furniture, jeans, bird seed, fertilizer, garbage bags, wine and groceries… all of which need immediate attention even though I’ve had this list for at least a week and the car didn’t actually go to the garage until yesterday… and besides, I should probably move some of those items over to the “fun money” list which ironically is accumulating while I’m not driving through Starbucks!

I’m hoping the car will be ready today, the engine light will stay off and I’ll swing by the Italian Market on the way home.

Tomorrow I’ll go for a nice drive, head to the gym and get a few chores done.  Or… I’ll just grab myself a coffee and relax for the day with the hot, single, Italian guy I pick up a the market!  As long as the car’s in the driveway, at least we’ll have options!