Animal adaptations…

I knew Bones had been working on an “Animal Adaptation” project on Cougars!  However, being that it was an “in class project”, she hadn’t brought home her work and was happily going about putting together her PowerPoint project… telling me from time-to-time about her findings.

Did you know Cougars have long tails for balance?  That they can leap up to twenty meters high?  That they catch their prey by jumping on their backs and biting their necks?

All these things… I learned over the last few weeks!

Yesterday was Bones’ class presentation and while she was greatly prepared, she was somewhat less than amused with the outcome… explained to me in detail in the car yesterday afternoon… causing me to nearly drive off the road!

The problem was mostly due to the information on her first slide.

One of the requirements of the project was to provide a “definition”. Oh come on… you know where this is going, but for the moment… put yourself in the head of an eleven year old who has been told to define the animal she chose to research. Simple fact is, she couldn’t leave out one of the definitions stated in her research… even if she knew it wasn’t entirely right. She’d lose valuable project marks!

Yup… Bones’ first slide appeared on screen and her teacher took to a fit of laughter before choking out the following question to his class…. “Class, four of the definitions listed on Bones’ slide are Scientific Definitions and one is not. Which one isn’t Scientific?”

Without hesitation, the entire class agreed that the Non-scientific Definition for Cougar was definitely “an older woman looking for a younger man.”

And that my friends is the reason why I nearly drove my car off the road last night

…and why I ADORE my little girl

… and younger men.

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