My friend’s friend… Sheila Nabb…

A few years ago, soon after my separation, I met a wonderful woman who became a great support to  me. She made me laugh… A LOT… and usually at her own expense.

You see, Kary has a way of getting tied up in the most unusual situations… often doing something insanely funny without really meaning to. Later she’d re-tell the story and have me in absolute stitches that would usually have me following up with an “Oh My God Kary I can’t believe you did that!!”

There were some weeks, I couldn’t wait to be in her company… just so she could lift me to a higher place.

Often Kary’s stories would involve her busy life with two wonderful children, a supportive husband who works on the rigs and a mish-mash of dysfunctional animals that seem to show up on her doorstep… who Kary ultimately must “save”. Her desire to be a “good person” has her jumping in, without question, the second she hears of someone in need. I will never forget the Christmas she heard that a women’s shelter required “personal items”… Kary promptly returned all of her Christmas gifts, filled two shopping carts with various items and delivered them to the shelter.

She’s a gem.

This last few days, Kary has thrown herself into helping another friend… and based on experience, I know she’ll do an amazing job!

Last weekend while Sheila Nabb was vacationing in Mexico, she was brutally and viciously attacked and left unconscious in an elevator at her resort. Sheila spent several days in an induced coma before miraculously coming out of the coma and breathing on her own. She was transported home to Canada late last night… where she’ll undergo extensive reconstructive surgery for multiple broken facial bones.

We’ve all been following the story in the news… shocked as we’ve heard the details… overwhelmed with the idea that it could happen to any one of us.

Along with a few friends who grew up with Sheila, Kary is organizing an auction to help with various expenses that Sheila and her husband will incur over the coming months.

Sheila is blessed with wonderful family, amazing friends and the thoughts and prayers of complete strangers. She will need the love and support of each and every one of them, to get through this horrific ordeal.

If you’re able to help my friend Kary… here are the details:

Should you have an item you’d like to donate, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kary by emailing… or send me a message and I’ll happily pick up any items you may have and deliver them to her.

If you would like to attend, the auction is at Dooly’s in Sackville on February 10th, 2012 at 6:00. You can contact the Facebook event for details.

Also, there is a trust fund in place at Scotia Bank for this specific fundraiser. If you’d like to make a cash donation, the name of the trust fund is The Sheila Reade/Nabb Fundraiser.

One Reply to “My friend’s friend… Sheila Nabb…”

  1. Kary is an amazing person; someone that put's others before herself. My husband was hurt on Sept 6th 2010, an auction was put together to help us pay for all the medical expenses that would come our way. Well Kary was someone that we had not talked to in many years, but as soon as she heard the news about Charlie she was there in full force. She is and will always be a very special person, she is what we should all strive to be….Kary you are an amazing woman and I am very happy to say you are apart of our life. Charlie and I thank you for everything you have done for us!!