Gimme a break…

I finally dragged my arse from the rink long enough to enjoy March Break!
Not that I have a plan!

It’s almost noon on Tuesday… Spiderman is still in bed and I’m donning my red flannel dress pants with the Scottie dogs… feet up on the humpty.

Humpty… footstool… same thing.

Bones… she’s been gone since Sunday morning with her grandparents. Happily collecting sap from various maple trees and boiling it down with her grandfather… eating the amazing meals cooked by my mother-in-law complete with dessert at the end… gloriously lapping up every bit of attention being thrown at her!

Me… I drove Spiderman back and forth to “the birthplace of hockey”… for three days… as one game after the next was played with multiple hours between each one in the coldest rink possible. I question why the “birthplace of hockey” still has folks watching the game from a barn rather than a brand spankin’ new arena complete with lovely washrooms and fancy canteen… but barn it is!

Thank goodness we took home Gold or I’d possibly be bitter.

Which is not an emotion I’m used to.

OK… whatever… it is.

So far this week… I’ve done nothing and I’m desperately in the mood to yell “IT’S MY MARCH BREAK TOO” preferably from a beach… with a margarita… whilst wearing flip flops.

Last week I was annoyed by the “countdowns” as one person after the next posted updates of “three more days”… “two more days”… “one more sleep”.  Yeah, whatever… I’m going to Windsor… birthplace of hockey washrooms!

Oh… gotta go… I hear movement upstairs. Spiderman has awoken to spend a fabulous day with his Mom where we’ll… ummmmmm… wait a minute… never mind… seems he has plans.

Anyone wanna go to Windsor? I understand there’s more to the town than hockey!

And I’m in the mood to explore!