I’m going to Paris!!!

If you recall… a few years ago I ended up in Pictou… asking for directions to the PEI bridge?

Everyone knows I have no sense of direction, no sense of geography and no math skills whatsoever…  yet, yesterday I was faced with the task of booking flights to Paris!

At one point, I almost clicked “purchase” on a flight with Iceland Air that would have me leaving Halifax and arriving in Paris TWENTY SEVEN hours later!

By way of Uzbekistan I think.

After much frustration… I thought I’d head out to a travel agency and see if I could get some help. The first one was closed… the second had moved… and the third suggested I go back home and try it again as apparently… the service fees would be far too high to make it worth my while!

Good Lord!

In six weeks, I’m dropping the Tall Blonde off in France for her “International Year” at UCO. I’ve never been to Europe… or too many places to be honest… but anytime I travelled it wasn’t me booking the flights, arranging the accommodations or renting the car… I was just along for the ride.

So, things like showing up in Pictou looking for the bridge to PEI shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone!!

As luck would have it… my friend Dish (@travel_dish) is about to become a travel agent. She just finished her courses and is about to set up shop at home. So… last night, she and I sat at my kitchen counter and put in all the information I’d need to get me to France and back in a timely matter… keeping in mind time differences and geography.

To be honest… I didn’t do much… except click on the buttons she told me to click and in the end… my flights are booked!!!

I’m heading to Angers to settle The Tall Blonde into her apartment and tour the area together for a week. Then… as luck would have it… my best girl “Crazy” is going to be in Paris at the VERY SAME TIME so we’ve booked a few days together to drink wine and eat cheese. Then… since I’d be useless travelling home to Halifax on my own… I’m jumping on Crazy’s plane BY WAY OF LONDON! Yes… you heard it here first… THE QUEEN IS GOING TO LONDON where chances are, surely, the “Real Queen” is going to want to meet me!!

Flights are booked… next step, update passport!

Then practice my wave!!

5 Replies to “I’m going to Paris!!!”

  1. Wow!
    So happy for you,Colleen! You'll love Paris and it will be nice to see where Emily is staying.Enjoy!

  2. Colleen, I am sure you will enjoy your side trip to Paris. Lori and Andy went there last spring and they loved the city., They brought me home a Gorgeous Necklace from Paree …..just sayin' Have a blast with your friend, who knows when you will get there again.

  3. @Mary… thank you so much! I'm not a good traveller so it's a big move for me! But surely, once I'm there, it will be life changing… for both The Tall Blonde and me!

    @Krista… yes please!!! I don't want to miss a thing!

    @Aunt Rose… looks like I'll be buying a necklace for momma!!! I really feel this is quite the opportunity for me!!! Can't wait!

  4. Colleen, I too was just there in April. Highly highly highly recommend Sacre Couer and that area….very artsie You will love it!! ….kim