My girls…

The Fourth Annual Girls’ Weekend at Gib’s cottage in Malagash was a grand success. From the second the car crests the hill and we see the Northumberland Strait… a calm unfolds. Which is good… since all hell broke loose just the night before.

While running around dealing with groceries, kids’ activities, several errands and laundry… I returned home between tasks to discover Little-One… in my house… straight from the airport and a flight from Dubai.

It seems, we were not to do another girls’ weekend without her!

We laughed, cried, danced, sang, ate, drank and told our opinions. Eight big personalities in one small cottage on a weekend where the sun did not explode through the clouds and yet… we made it through… in one piece. A bucket, filled with questions, keeping us entertained and allowing us to learn even more about one another.

Much of which… is sealed in “The Vault.”

I’ve spoken of my girlfriends many times through this blog as they’re part of who I am. Each year, Girls’ Weekend is a time where we settle into friendship, spend time together solving various dilemmas without the hustle and bustle of running a household and chasing kids… we relax.

And now we’re home… exhausted…each of us bringing something away besides pockets full of sea glass, a full belly and headache. Another year of bonding with the most amazing, supportive, hilarious group of women… and the dearest friends I’ve ever known.

Prada… obviously saying something that will stay in The Vault
Standing are Little-One and Red.
Sitting are Crazy, Dish, Prada, Gib and CA.

2 Replies to “My girls…”

  1. I came away with a few more laughs lines, sore sides and wonderful memories. xo Gib

  2. You should invite me to your next annual girls' weekend:) Glad it was wonderful!