Putting the cougar back in John Mellencamp…

Don’t I hate it when a rock star messes with a good thing… and by rock star what I mean is… has John Mellencamp gone soft?

And what happened to the Cougar??

Last night I headed out with friends to enjoy a show filled with songs from my youth. I had zero expectations with the exception that I’d hear a few new tunes, a few I’d forgotten he even sang but clearly would know all the words… and without a doubt… I’d be belting out “Jack and Diane”.

And I did.

And we danced… and we sang… and we… couldn’t really get that into it.

What the heck’d he do to the old classic? Seriously… if this was American Idol he’d have his knuckles wrapped and be voted off the show!

It never rocked… it never rolled… the bible belt never came down and saved my soul leaving me to believe that now… since we’re we’re women and men instead of sixteen year old kids… are we suppose to be listening to acoustic music and ramped-down versions of songs from our youth??

Damn that was disappointing.

I’m sure he must be tired of singing the same old same old and really I feel bad for him… but did he have to butcher it? Who did he think was going to be at this concert… a bunch of forty year olds looking to relive their youth or the exact same folks gone tired and grey? Me… I’m reliving my youth!

Anyway… as far as the concert goes… Mellencamp made up for it when he came out for his encore when he sang… oh wait a minute… he didn’t bother with an encore!

OK, regardless… I was at a concert last night with Prada and half a dozen crazy friends and whether Mellencamp was in the mood to put it all on the floor or not… we were. We jumped to our feet, danced, laughed and sang… despite the old codgers behind us telling us to sit down until we finally vacated our seats for more room on the floor.

I enjoyed myself… immensely… but more for the folks I was with than the man on stage or the crowd in the room and to be honest… I could gather those same friends, move the furniture out of the dining room and fire an old Mellencamp record on the turntable… dancing the night away in the comfort of my home where no one tells me to sit down… and I’d have just as much fun.

Possibly more.

After all… life goes on!

Long after the thrill… of living is done.

And there, my friends… is where you’ll find the Cougar!

(PS… With all due respect to Mr. Mellencamp… I’m aware that most musicians play to the crowd in front of them and the people behind us weren’t too thrilled with our dancing… maybe we should have been on the floor… things looked a bit more exciting from there! Oh… and in my humble opinion… go back to rockin’ out “Jack and Diane!”) 

2 Replies to “Putting the cougar back in John Mellencamp…”

  1. Or maybe you should stop holding on to the past. If you had done one bit of research before you went to this gig, you would have known what was coming to you.

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