Wouldn’t you like to fly…

I first met Katherine nineteen years ago and “took to her” immediately. She was my kind of person… outgoing and energetic with a smile on her face… always ready for the next bit of fun! And then, with the flick of a wand and a couple of “I do’s”… she became my cousin… and has remained that way through better or worse, sickness and health, good times and bad.

I’ve watched her grow from a lovely young woman, to the fabulous person she is today and without a surprise to anyone… she married a fellow who is just as wonderful as she is… possibly funnier, but just as wonderful!

I can’t begin to tell you how happy myself and the kids were when they decided to move back to Nova Scotia last year… settling into a home in The Valley while working in the city so they could be closer to those they love and reach their dream of OWNING A HOT AIR BALLOON!!!!

Yes… Katherine and Seth Bailey have been seen inflating a massive balloon, jumping into its wicker basket and flying over the beautiful, picturesque, Annapolis Valley as onlookers line the sides of the road and chase after them to catch the perfect photo and find out more about taking a ride!

Seth, a hot air balloon pilot, has been soaring the skies of Ontario since 2006 and he and Katherine have finally purchased a balloon of their own!

East Coast Balloon Adventures is ready for passengers… up to four at a time in a balloon they’ve appropriately named “Nova Scotia Sky”… based on  the beautiful blue colours in the balloon that when inflated, stands seven stories high!

And… because they’re awesome and think I’m alright… they’re giving a lucky reader of Curtains are Open a chance to join them  by winning an East Coast Balloon Adventures Gift Certificate… valued at $250!

Here’s how you can win…
  1. Go to the East Coast Balloon Adventures website (designed and coded by yours truly if you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been making many posts lately!)
  2. Read through the list of FAQ’s and comment on this post about one of the questions you find interesting! (And if you see a typo… let me know!) Make sure to add your email address and name to the comment so we know how to contact you (if you don’t have a google account, make an “Anonymous” comment but provide your contact information so we know who you are!)
  3. Head to their Facebook page and “Like” them or their Twitter page and “Follow” them to help spread the word about their new adventure (leave a comment if you’d like… or share the pages with your friends!)
  1. The giveaway will be open until Friday, July 27th at eleven am (my time!)
  2. Winner will be chosen using random.org and notified by email. 
  3. Only comments on the “Wouldn’t you like to ride… ” post on “Curtains are Open” are eligible to win… comments on other posts, Facebook or Twitter, while appreciated, are not considered for winning the certificate!  
  4. Only one comment per reader is eligible for entry into the contest. Additional comments will be read and appreciated… but not counted in the draw. 
  5. And finally… if you’re having trouble posting  a comment, email me and I’ll help you out… or do it for you… whatever works!!  Oh… and if you don’t want to put your email address in your comment… add your name or initials… then email me your address!

Tell your friends by sharing my blog (insert selfish reasons and shameless blog flogging here!)

Honestly… this is a prize you want to win… possibly to reach your dream of flying in a hot air balloon… definitely, to spend a few hours being entertained by two of the most amazing people I’m blessed to have in my life!

46 Replies to “Wouldn’t you like to fly…”

  1. Okay This is one I would LOVE to win! What an amazing adventure it would be up in the air.
    In FAQ I liked that the flight is just before sunset…. what a pretty time of day.

    Thanks for the info….. We may book a family ride regardless of winning or not…. FYI: they should have a family rate.
    Heather Clarke AKA Ticker dmurrans@hotmail.com

  2. Awesome giveaway!! Please include me in your draw. In the FAQ's I liked "Is it quiet in the balloon", I need some of that tranquility!

    BobbyJo (rwhalen@hotmail.com)

  3. Id love to win. When living in NB i twice went to the sussex festival but both times the flights got cancelled due to winds. I like the FAQ Does the basket sway and move around when flying? That tells that those of us with a height thing will actually enjoy it. Fingers crossed.
    Corinnegillespie@ gmail.com

  4. I like the fact that there is no swaying baskets..it would suck to get motion sickness. Please enter me in the draw. Maybe we should have an unmounted lesson in the sky;)

    (It's Hannah. You know where to find me!)

  5. Wow, it has been a dream of mine to fly in a hot air balloon! After reading the FAQs, I was probably most surprised to find out that one balloon costs $60,000! That's amazing! (also I was happy to read that even people who are afraid of heights find it enjoyable!)
    My email is vanderal@shsh.ca
    ~Alex van der Valk, Halifax

  6. I found it interesting how high they can go with the hot air balloon in the FAQ's because years ago I was in one in Arizona and I'm terribly scared of heights, but didn't mind it at all, your mind plays tricks on you and it doesn't seem like you are so far up in the air at all:) Really hope I'm able to take my family up so they can experience it even if I don't win…..but really hoping:) Love your blog! Amanda Conohan, alygator2475@gmail.com

  7. I LOVE the FAQ response that says people who are dragged, cajoled, brow beaten or shamed into taking a ride, do not regret it! That is definitely the only way I would get my hubby into the balloon. What an adventure! Awesome job on the website!! TLH

  8. I like the FAQ about how they fill the hot air balloon, though i was expecting someone to say "by telling exaggerated stories". oh well, nice website anyway.

  9. I love the site…the clouds at the bottom are a great touch!

    The FAQ question I liked was the one about how big the hot air balloon was. I would love to see a balloon that is 7 stories high!

    Please enter me into the contest: admartin@xcountry.tv


  10. This would be so amazing to do, definitely something to add to my bucket list!

    The FAQ that I liked was "What time of day do the flights take place?"
    Early in the morning and in the evening are beautiful times of the day, and I can imagine they'd be even more amazing when seen from up in the sky!

    Lauren Purdy lpurdy_10@hotmail.com

  11. So.. 4 people fit in the basket AND there is liquor. Seriously… I don't think it can get better than that. Well… maybe if George Clooney had to stand real close to me (in the basket and share my drink). Oh.. and a big gust of wind blew all his clothes off. Yeah! That would be GREAT!

    ~ Crystal

  12. This is awesome! I've wanted to do this for years.

    I find it interesting that there is no sensation of motion or height. I can't wait to find out that's true!

    Leanne – wellsamrock@gmail.com

  13. Sounds like the perfect adventure activity for my family of 4!! My kids would get such a thrill sailing through the air at 2000ft!! WOW!

    Love your favorite tweep!! Gwen

  14. I was particularly interested in the "motion sick/fear of heights" aspect of riding in a balloon. Sounds like I may be able to give it a try! Great job on the website Colleen!

  15. I never knew that hot air balloons couldn't fly during the day due to thermal activity; very interesting 🙂 Faye Williams

    I should also add that I too am one of Katherine's biggest fans since I first had the pleasure of meeting her over a decade ago @ work…she is such a genuinely, awesome person!! It makes my heart swell with joy that she is soo happy 🙂

    What time of day do the flights take place?

    Flights take place at sunrise and approximately 2 hours prior to sunset. Hot air balloons are not able to fly during the middle of the day due to thermal activity, which makes the air unstable.

  16. What a great new business in the Annapolis Valley! We're always looking for new, exciting things to do with our 10 year old, and a hot air balloon ride would be amazing! I always just assumed that rides would take place in the middle of the day, but a sunset balloon ride would be really cool!

  17. I would love to win this for my Dad's 60th birthday!!! What an awesome business to open in the beautiful Annapolis Valley. I'm very excited to see some balloons floating around this summer whether I'm in one or not!
    I found the post about not being able to fly during the middle of the day quite interesting, as well as moving to different altitudes to change the balloon's path. Very neat!!

    -Erin R.

    P.S… Found a tiny typo in the FAQs under 'Can anyone fly the balloon': Should be "A balloon pilot who flies passengers.."
    I really like the website as well! :o)

  18. I have never seen a hot air balloon in person. In the FAQ section I read when fully inflated the balloon is 7 stories high! Would love to be up there, please enter me.
    james mielnik. jamesmielnik@gmail.com


  19. I would love to have my own hot air balloon pilot license one day, it is quite the obscure goverment document that I did not know about until I read the FAQs. Big props for the website design, I thoroughly enjoyed the expirience of learning about hot air balloons, and would love to expirience one! Please let me know I won: marcel_t@hotmail.com


  20. I would love to win this amazing Balloon ride… would be such a cool opportunity!

    I found it interesting to know that its possible to just hover above the ground, wind permitting, and then you can have an "aerial nature walk." So many different, interesting facts in the FAQ.

    BTW- WICKED job on the website. I love it.

    Dan Dolimount- in.the.fast.lane@hotmail.com

  21. I did not know that hot air ballons are unable to fly through out the day. I assumed they were an all day adventure. Very interesting FAQ's, I learned alot. It sure would be an amazing adventure.


  22. Congratulations Katherine and Seth on your new business. Your riders will be lucky to join you for such an amazing experience and great company. Thomas and I would love to win and spend an evening riding above The Valley with you.
    I found it interesting to read in the FAQ that there is no motion sensation when flying in a balloon. I expect I would be nervous as I am a little timid when flying but thrive on adrenaline rushes. I’m a little giddy just thinking about it!

    Trish Endres (Carter)

  23. I love that you can do this in both the winter and the summer…how beautiful it would be with snow everywhere. I think this is awesome! Katherine was one of my students when she was in grade 9, and I remember her fondly. I would love to win this!

    Maureen McGee

  24. Please include me in your draw. I like the question: How hight do you go? I like the idea of flying at a lower altitude, as you say, an "aerial nature walk", my cup of tea. Up up and away…thanks again. 🙂
    e-mail: ocean_waves4me@hotmail.com

  25. My favorite question is "does the basket sway and move…" mostly because I get super motion sick and this means I can still go ballooning!
    Thanks for the info!


  26. I got very excited reading through the FAQ. I really want to go now!

    What is the “chase crew”?

    I was most interested to read about the Chase Vehicle. I always wondered how the crew and passengers (not to mention the balloon itself) got back to their starting point.

    Good luck to everyone!

    Daniel MacDonald
    daniel (at) danielmacdonald.com

  27. It's about time a great idea came here. Ballooning is an addictive sport. I was lucky enough to go for a flight in Florida and have been hooked ever since. The one thing I did not know was you can fly year round. I think it would so romantic to go with my wife New years eve and stay the night in the valley . Good luck with your venture.
    Thanks Wayne McDonald

  28. Hi,
    I would love to spend 4 hours enjoying the beautiful atmosphere. I live in Quispamsis and grew up in Lower Sackville and would love an excuse to go for a visit.
    Are you going to be at the Sussex Balloon Fiesta September 7th weekend? It is amazing to watch all the balloons going up at once. If I am not picked as a winner maybe I can meet you in Sussex.

  29. So I no longer have an excuse as to why I haven't been in a hot air balloon; I always thought the the basket would be moving around and that I'd feel it. I have now learned that the basket doesn't move around. I also had no idea that balloons could only fly at sunrise and sunset. Learn something new everyday. Janette K.

  30. Oh wow! What an awesome contest! My favorite part about reading the FAQ, like the first comment, is how sunset rides pretty much HAVE to be at sunrise or sunset. What an awesome coincidence, those really are the prettiest times of the day!

    I hope whoever wins gets some good shots!
    Christin R

  31. While in Ottawa for the Canada Day celebrations on the Hill, Ben and I watched as a hot air balloon floated by overhead. I told Ben that this is definitely on my 'bucket list' as something I'd really love to do. I'm thrilled to hear that it's a quiet and smooth ride. Love the fact that you have an 'unobstructed view' for taking pictures. Put my name in the draw…and fingers crossed that I hear from you soon.

    Dianne G (gerodianne@hotmail.com)

  32. The FAQ I found most interesting was that you can't steer the balloon. Now I am curious how you "find" different wind directions! Guess I will have to go up and see for myself 🙂


  33. Would love to win this. I was amazed to learn that there are no mechanical means of steering a hot air balloon. The pilot has to find different wind directions at different flight altitudes.


  34. I dreamed of sailing in a hot air balloon just last night – after seeing a post on the internet updating us on 'balloon boy'. Have always wanted to fly in a hot air balloon!
    Favorite of the faq:'As hard as it is to believe, there is also no sensation of height in a balloon.'

    Thank you for the info – FUN!!!

  35. Congrats to Christin! Winner of the balloon ride! Enjoy the adventure and take LOTS of pictures!!!