While walking through this beautiful town yesterday…past one Boulangerie after the next with folks sharing a “Bonjour” or a smile…past beautiful fountains and exquisite gardens…The Tall Blond began to hum Belle’s song from “Beauty and the Beast.”

As a little girl, she’d watched it a million times…singing every word to every song…loving the chipped little teacup and the dancing candle.

“Do you get it Mommy? His name is chip…’cause he has a chip!”

I got it.

She was fourteen when I sat in the amphitheatre at Disney…the live scene on stage was Belle, dancing through the town streets, book in hand…happily singing…falling in love…dancing with her prince…

As my dear friend Dan caught my eye…two of us overflowing with tears…we took to a fit of giggles at our ridiculous moment of nostalgia.

It was one of those times when you realized your child was growing up far too fast to keep up with her.

And it was the same way yesterday, but this time…she’s actually living in the French village with the Boulangerie…the baker who says “Bonjour” as she passes his shop…the castle just steps from her front door.

It’s so surreal I’m waiting for a dancing candle named Lumiere to jump out in front of me, pull out a chair and invite me to be his guest as the “dining room proudly presents my dinner.”

And I’m a slight bit overwhelmed that this is where she’ll meet her Prince.

And then what?

My Belle is all grown up. Making a life of her own… chasing her dreams to this beautiful French town where she’ll discover a great many things.

And I can only imagine what’s ahead.

As I pour myself a cup of tea this morning…a wee bit nostalgic knowing there’s a few days left before I say my good-byes…leaving her here to make it on her own…I notice a wee small chip in my teacup.

And I get it…I really, really do.

2 Replies to “Belle…”

  1. This is beautiful. And feels extra poignant for me today, as it is my daughter's birthday. Where does the time go …

  2. … and a happy birthday to your daughter @coffee with julie! They grow up incredibly fast… I'm still a little shocked at just how so…