It’s the little things…

No…I don’t put little messages in his lunch box!

But I once did.

And well…the fact is, if he still stayed for lunch I might be inclined to write a “Mommy loves you” on his origami folded napkin!

Alright…I wouldn’t! But this “note behind the name bar” thing…I’ve been doing it since he was five and there’s something oddly superstitious about stopping it now!

Yesterday I sewed Spiderman’s name on his jersey, reminding me of the time I was at a friend’s daughter’s pool party, happily watching the kids swimming while multitasking (never enough time in a day) and sewing. When I stood to leave and pack up my things to head to the “party room” for cake…the damn red shirt was sewn to my pants!

That’s nothing! My friend CA actually sewed her kid’s karate uniform totally closed while attaching the badges…apparently on the same day she prepped her kid’s mouthguard in the boiling Kraft Dinner water to “save time!”

I’m multitasking my days away…fitting things in where I can possibly fit them…doing homework in the car while at the rink and the barn. I’m living my life one hour ahead of the next on a jam packed calendar that doesn’t have a single bit of wiggle room.

And regardless of how little time I have, I’m still fitting in the things that count. Like writing a little note…and slipping it behind the name bar just before I add the final stitch.

Tonight…it’s mouthguard prep night…and come to think of it, it’s the perfect night to cook a little KD.

3 Replies to “It’s the little things…”

  1. Atta girl…you know you will be tempted to dip that mouthguard in to save time! FYI: scotch tape does an awesome job at hemming pants (and after a few trips thru the dryer it becomes rather solid!!) Love you lady, keep up the good work! CA