Big Day Downtown – Le French Fix

As a kid, I loved macaroons. My Aunt Beth made the best…chewy, chocolate, coconut treats prepared in a double boiler on the stove top and plopped upon a plate like a mound of gooey goodness.

So, I was a little taken back when, while in France, The Tall Blond mentioned wanting Macarons. I mean, I get the whole “gooey goodness” thing but we were in France…land of magnificent pastries…and she wanted a blob I could cook myself!

Then she showed me…and I tried one…and Holy Merde!

Never before had I tasted something so…so…”happy!” A delectable, tiny, brilliantly colorful cookie made with meringue, almond paste and sugar…then filled with awesome goodness that melts in your mouth and tastes nothing like that chocolate, gooey, coconut mound of crap from my youth!

On leaving France, I cried. Knowing I wasn’t going to see my girl for quite some time it filled me with sadness but also…the macarons!! How could I leave the macarons? The pastries? The bread? The Pain au Chocolat? Things I didn’t know existed before I sat in that bistro in Angers now on my taste buds and spoiling me forever. How…how could I leave them lined up so daintily in those pretty glass cabinets. Why did I have to leave my girl behind to eat them all herself?

When I heard “Le French Fix” opened in Halifax, touting themselves as a French Patisserie and claiming they made French pastries, I knew I had to visit for my Big Day Downtown.

And HOLY MERDE!! I wasn’t disappointed!

Upon entering the store, I was transported back…forgetting for a moment I was Downtown Halifax and feeling a sense of nostalgia for a wonderful place I fell in love with only months before. Le French Fix Patisserie opened just over a month ago. Located on the corner of Argyle and Prince streets with plans to expand upstairs, the shop has a ton of potential! First, because the food is to die for…second, because Geoffroy Chevallier and Alison Capstick are simply a delight.

With the patisserie in its early stages, Alison has plans for opening a massage studio on the second floor and Geoffoy plans to teach classes on how to make his amazing treats!

Like my daughter, Alison spent a year on an exchange program in France, falling in love with “everything French” and not quite being able to shake the experience. When she met the quiet, lovely Geoffroy, newly arrived on the scene in Nova Scotia, she picked her man. The two have been together for a number of years and share the quaint bistro with their darling baby girl.

I’m not kidding…check this place out. Geoffroy knows how to make the treats that I honestly never dreamt I’d eat in Halifax! I’m thrilled…a quick hop and a skip to Downtown Halifax and I can get my “French Fix” faster than I’d ever dreamt possible!

Now… if could just figure out a way to get The Tall Blond home before she falls in love with more than just the Macarons!

For more information and a list of daily treats, follow Le French Fix on Twitter and Facebook

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