The Lower Deck…

It hits you immediately on walking through the doors.

The warmth.

The Lower Deck has arrived in Clayton Park with all the charm of the one downtown!

I’m not sure how they did it… how they instilled a sense of history from a building so loved into a corner in a neighbourhood strip mall… but they did!

And they’re open!

Sunday night, with a few good friends around the wooden tables and benches we’ve become so familiar with, we enjoyed a sociable or two at the “Tasting Menu.” We tried one dish of deliciousness after the next including The Deck’s famous nachos complete with caramelized onions and banana peppers… the most amazing shrimp coated in a breaded hot happiness, Pork Ciabatta Sandwiches, Chicken Scallopini, Baked Mac & Cheese and Salmon to mention a few of the wonderful meals. Then, to stuff ourselves completely and waddle back to the cars, we finished with Blueberry Grunts and Chocolate Brownies… every item putting smiles on our faces.

It was amazing to be there! My eyes, darting from one thing to the next. The beautiful iron chandeliers, the mural on the wall, the lovely tile work in the front entrance, the stage with dance floor, fabulous bathrooms and exquisite front room, the new bar complete with “tip bell” and the stained glass windows… the kilts on the smiling faces of the staff… all were a delight to see!

And this Friday evening, the music begins. A month of matinées to get the place going before the big Grand Opening in early December as Signal Hill will hit the stage in what will surely be a weekend to remember!
Music has arrived… moments from my door!
Congratulations to all of the staff who’ve been anticipating this day… who’ve worked tirelessly to get things in order… your months of preparation and hard work have finally paid off! The Lower Deck Bar and Grill will be a fabulous success as this is what we’ve been waiting for!!
And it’s finally here!

Follow the Lower Deck on Facebook and Twitter. Drop in (278 Lacewood Drive) for an amazing meal, the music they’re known for and a sociable or two!

2 Replies to “The Lower Deck…”

  1. Not only do I know someone that works there, but it's close to my home.. looking forward to going there next week.
    Nice review on it by the way.