My friends are psycho…

I think my friends are psychic… or psycho…or a little of both. But this morning, in the midst of an “I can’t take this anymore breakdown” where one stupid thought after the next was popping in my head and I was ready to throw crap around my already messy house…not that anyone would notice the difference anyway…they showed up.

First one.

Then another.

And they laughed at me.

Well…not until they first listened to my rant, gave their opinions and shot all my thoughts out of my head.

Then, one said something funny and the next said something funny and we shared a few laughs and a cup of tea in our pyjamas and by the time they left, it was good again.

And I can breathe again.

And all is well in the world again.

And how lucky I am.

To have psycho friends.

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