Picking the right course…

Spiderman is about to pick his courses for High School.


It was only yesterday we were trying to decide whether to put him in Primary French Immersion or not. Then, the other day, we had a grand discussion about University. UNIVERSITY!

I’m still trying to decide if taking him out of French Immersion in grade two and switching him back to English was the right decision and he’s weighing the idea of going to MUN to have the added bonus of getting to know his Newfoundland family a little better!

Time is flying. He’s running towards the future but in my mind…he’s sitting on a Tonka truck in the middle of our front yard digging through rocks and dirt.

It wasn’t that long ago I was picking my own High School courses…my father talked me into a “typing” course that I didn’t really want to take. Repeatedly pressing FFFF JJJJ FFFF JJJJ ASDF FFFF FDSA AAAA while spicing it up with four letter curse words until eventually, every finger automatically hit the keys the appropriate way…or the inappropriate way.

Turns out it was the most useful course I’ve ever taken.

“Should I take Drama or Business Technology Mom?” Ummmm… I don’t know?

It’s too much. Too big. Slow down. You’re still a baby on a Tonka and babies don’t take Business Technology courses! 

“Probably Business Technology, son. Can you take both? What’s required? What do you want to do at university? What do you enjoy? It’s a really important decision and you should carefully select from all of your choices but Business Technology sounds like a great course. Something my Dad would have told me to take. Or maybe Drama. I’m not sure I’m good at helping you make this decision son?”

“Do you remember when I ran away Mom?”


“I walked down the street as far as I was allowed to go…and you brought me a snack.”

“I thought you might be hungry.”

“Seriously Mom? Do you really think bringing me a snack was the right thing to do? I mean…shouldn’t you have talked me out of running away instead of packing me a lunch?”

He might be right. I’ve done stupid things. I’m raising him wrong and he’s asking my advice on picking a course that could affect his entire future. He’s looking at me like I’ve got the magic answer. He ran away for God’s sake and I brought him a SNACK! 

“So what do you think, Mom…Drama or Business Tech?”

“Can we talk about this tomorrow? I’d like to do a little research. Maybe we could ask my Dad what he thinks…get a few more opinions. Seriously, let’s think about this a little more.”

“But in the meantime, can I get you a snack?”