Happy Valentine’s Day

They caught me off guard this morning.

Sometime between hockey, school, riding and volleyball…while I was out of the house driving one kid to an activity, anticipating the other to be picked up and dropped off in order for me to carpool home later on…while a casserole heated in the oven for Spiderman to eat before hockey and Bones and I to have when we got home…they’d bamboozled me.

I’d phoned Spiderman to tell him about the supper in the oven. I gave him instructions to see that it was heated through…then double-checked to see that he knew what time his drive would be there.

I asked what the noise was in the background and believed his answer of “video game”… not quite registering the sounds of the mall.

And now, I wonder if he panicked about the casserole I’d left in the oven!

You see…while Bones and I were off to the barn, Spiderman phoned his Grandfather and headed out shopping. He chose a beautiful charm for my Pandora bracelet and arrived back home in time for his drive to practice.

In the meantime…when we’d arrived back home, Bones retired to “finish her homework” but was hard at work on a homemade card that even had her taking a moment to draw a highlighted heart on our noble beast’s hind end.

I was oblivious to everything (except the dog’s rear) and when stepping out of my bathroom this morning to get ready for school…there they were…sleepy eyed and smiling.

Gift and card in hand.

Until that moment…I was not a fan of this day.

Until that moment when so much love was before me.

Until my heart absolutely swelled with pride and happiness not just for the beautiful gift and sentiment but for the simple fact that they’d done it. That without prompting…without encouragement or reminding…they’d done it.

It’s all any of us wants.

For someone to take the time. To go out of their way. To surprise you and bamboozle you. To put a little effort into showing you that you’re loved.

That you rock their world.

Happy Valentines’ Day
xo Queen

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