Breaking habits…

I currently have twenty-seven bad habits I need to ditch.

Give or take a few.

The thing is…I started to write them down and while I was making my list, I realized that list making and not following through with what’s on the list was another bad habit I needed to shake.

So I stopped making the list.

This week…I’m making some changes. Releasing all kinds of crap that I’ve hidden and locked behind a massive door.

I’ve baggage to get rid of if I plan on moving forward and at the moment…I’m stuck in this place of wanting to go ahead while chained to the spot where I’m standing.

Twenty-seven bad habits…give or take a few. Some a little bit harder than others…and they’re about to go down!

I’d list them…but the thing is…I’m not very good with lists!

One Reply to “Breaking habits…”

  1. I have never tired to list my bad habits, I am sure I would get at least 27. Good luck on your journey!