Miss Congeniality…

Have I mentioned I once won Miss Congeniality!

Oh yeah.

Way back in the days when you were allowed to run beauty contests at schools…somehow I got nominated…and won the consolation prize!

OK…fact is…I DO have a lot of friends and there was no competing with the “Stunning Sarah” who, at six-foot a million, was the full package of brains and beauty! And, if I remember correctly, she pulled off an amazing classical piano piece and, quite possibly, sewed her own dress!

Oh for goodness sake stop judging my grey and white striped frock with the Peter Pan collar and pink bow…I was thirteen! (And have only worn a dress a handful of times since!)

Also, I think it’s polyester!

Kids teased me about winning (I think they actually called the award Miss Friendship as God love us but at thirteen, Congeniality may have been too big of a word!) It was that whole “Second Place is the First Loser” mentality…not pretty enough to win the top prize…or be one of the two runners-up for that matter! No one wants to be “Miss Congeniality” for all of the things it says you “aren’t” not for the things it says you “are.”

But, to me, it was awesome.

I take pride in being surrounded by wonderful people in my life. It’s part of who I am. I make mistakes…I’m not perfect…at times I’ve trusted the wrong people and gotten a little burned but for the most part…I’m ok putting myself out there…sharing who I am and being vulnerable.

Being “social” is not really new for me. My parents often tell the story of how I wouldn’t have a party for my 15th birthday because they wouldn’t let me invite enough friends…I’d need at least a hundred and to be completely honest, it’s the same today! A party at my place can result in dozens of people dropping in and out through the evening and I’m always disappointed there weren’t more!

Being “social” kind of suits me…hence the “social media” presence and really…this blog. The whole “Curtains are Open” thing is equivalent to being an open book. I like being surrounded by a whole whack of different people…sharing who I am…both the good and the bad.

So…I’ll take the win.

I’m happy to be Miss Congeniality…anytime!

Curtains are Open is currently up for two different awards. The Coast’s Best of Halifax (where local organizations and folks are recognized) and Circle of Moms Top 25 Canadian Moms (where how cool would it be to win MOTHER OF THE YEAR!) I’m thrilled, elated and honoured whenever I get on these lists as it elevates the blog and allows me to connect with many more people both locally and nationally. I’d be happy if you could add your vote…there’s always room for more at this party! (Psssst…just click on the pink text to vote!)

Also…my friend Laura at Mommy Miracles is on the Circle of Mom’s Top 25 list as well. It would be AWESOME if BOTH Halifax blogs could make it when all is said and done! You can vote for both of us…once per day for the next three weeks…to keep us on the top of the list so we feel the love!

Yup…in hindsight and despite enduring a little flack…I’m incredibly happy I was Miss Congeniality.

I might not always dress appropriately…I don’t care to wear heels and am never bothered if I’m caught outside without makeup…I have no idea what the current style is or who’s wearing what on the red carpet…and I don’t really care about being a goof and making a fool of myself. Nope…none of it, whatsoever, really matters to me. What matters most…is the people around me. My girlfriends…my family…and you.

Most definitely…you.

2 Replies to “Miss Congeniality…”

  1. Voted! For both of us!

    This is such a fun post! I’m glad we’re there together. I hope we can stay there together!