Confusion in my pantry…

My pantry is causing me great confusion!!


Can anyone explain to me why I have 4 FAMILY SIZED super-duper huge mustards in my pantry when I rarely even use mustard?


2 Replies to “Confusion in my pantry…”

  1. Yes! You are either getting ready for a big weenie roast at the beach, or you are going to make some salad dressing. I go through a large thing of Dijon mustard a month just for salad dressing. Recipe: a blob of mustard, salt, pepper, dollop of maple syrup, some vinegar. Whisk it up. Drizzle in olive oil while you are whisking until it all tastes good.

    • I am going to make this recipe!!!! (Any other mustard recipes…send them along! I got the baileys handled though!)