Get your puppies checked!

Photo Credit: Kristen Alexander

I tweeted, early one morning last week, that I was heading out for a routine mammogram and received the response of “pancake breakkie” from one of my followers!

PANCAKE? More like crepes!

Holy! Who knew those things could flatten like that!

Alright…I knew.

Truth be told, in my thirties, I had a few issues that had me traipsing back and forth to the hospital for multiple tests as numerous doctors checked out my ta-ta’s. It involved more stress than you could possibly imagine but eventually, I received the clearance of “you have fantastic boobs,” and I was done with the multiple checks and re-checks.

Except now that I’m getting older…and it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month…it hit me that it really was time for me to start having routine mammograms (in fact I should have gone before)…so I went. And now…I have to wait a few weeks for a letter to arrive to tell me I’ve fantastic boobs again…but in my head, are a whole whack of “what ifs!”

The thing is, while heading out of the room after standing in front of a machine that pressed my boobs into giant saucers, the technician momentarily made eye contact with me and now I’m trying to read her face to determine if it was a “have a nice day I’m so sorry my hands were cold” look or an “I can’t believe you have three kids and you’re single and your boobs are about to explode” look.

I can’t imagine not being healthy. The what ifs that are consuming my head when I lay down to rest at the end of the day are only a fragment of the ones that have to be overloading someones brain who actually has something to fear. I can write a trite little post about getting your ta-ta’s flattened but the reality is…I stand up and applaud anyone going through this and wish you every sincere happy and loving thought. My readership is mostly women (not that men can’t get breast cancer), and surely there are a few of you going through some really tough days.

And if I can possibly help, in any way…please ask.

The other day I went in for a routine mammogram not because I felt anything or have anything to worry about…but because I have these two boobs…and I needed to have them checked…and now it’s freaking me out a little.

While I wait for the letter to arrive…to tell me that everything’s fine.

In Nova Scotia, phone 1-800-565-0548 or 473-3960 to book your appointment through the Nova Scotia Breast Screening Program. Visit their website for more information. Oh, and don’t try to read the look on the technicians face as you’re walking out the door!