The friendly voter…


Remember The Friendly Giant and Rusty the Rooster? Or was Rusty the Giraffe? And who keeps a rooster in a bag?

While everyone is changing their FB profile pics to giraffes, I remember the “look up…look wa-a-a-yyy up…and I’ll call Rusty.”

Or was it Dusty?

You know, unlike the other kids shows I used to watch, I don’t actually remember anything about The Friendly Giant except there was one little chair for one of you, and a bigger chair for two to curl up in, and for someone who likes to rock…there was a rocking chair in the middle.

But what was the show actually about?

Anyway, I need you to look down…not up. Look down…look waa-a-a-yyyy down…on the right hand side of the blog. See those little black and blue logos for another votey contest thing that I said I’d never bother you with again? Well, I’m bothering you with it again but I swear, you only have to vote once and if I make it to the top ten…then it goes to a jury to decide who gets placed in each category. I’m in there for three categories. So vote for the one you think I should be in…or all three…totally up to you. And as always, if you’re looking for some new blogs to read…check out some of the other folks who are vying for one of these awards!

In the meantime…”I’ll go on ahead and lower the drawbridge” and then I’ll call out to my giraffe and my bag of chicken and we can hang out for a while and chat about a few things on our minds.

Oh…and click on the video for a little Friendly Giant musical interlude to accompany you…while you vote!

Now look down…look waa-a-aaa-yyy down…and click on the icon!

Also, for the FB people with Gerome the Giraffe as your new profile pic…YOUR EYES!! The first thing you open is YOUR EYES!


7 Replies to “The friendly voter…”

  1. Thanks for the remainder of the Big Friendly Giant. That give me a nice morning smile.