Best concert ever!

Do you remember the BEST concert you ever went to?

For me, it was a show that included Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springstein, Tracy Chapman and Sting.

I was in grade eleven and my older brother and a few of his friends were driving to Montreal for the “Amnesty International Concert.” I’m not really sure how it all went down, but I managed to go along for the ride. I don’t remember who was there, where we stayed…much about the adventure at all to be honest with you…except I remember details of the music! The most amazing concert I’d ever attended!!

Besides that…I think maybe a Tina Turner concert at the Metro Centre and possibly The Rolling Stones on Magnetic Hill in New Brunswick…maybe Bon Jovi in Vancouver.

My friend Pauline remembers a concert she attended in 1989. She slept out overnight to get tickets for not one but TWO Rod Stewart shows and when those sold out and a third was added…she went to that one as well! On the final night…pumped from so much music and excitement…Pauline jumped on stage for a little dance!

The Metro Centre is celebrating 35 years of entertainment and Pauline’s adventure and photo has landed her in a top ten spot. If she wins, she’ll nab a couple of Moosehead’s tickets and her photo will end up on the wall of fame so vote here to help her out. (You can vote once per day until Friday!)

(Oh…and if you’re REALLY feeling in the mood for voting, scroll down and look on the right side of the screen and when you see the black and blue MIB logos…vote for my blog so I can land in a top ten spot as well…where my blog will then be judged by a jury of peers.)

But this time…I need you to vote for my friend Pauline who is quite possibly one of the nicest, kindest, funniest, loveliest women I know…who’d get a real kick if she ended up on the Hall of Fame wall at the Metro Centre!

Besides…I really want to see her dance like that again!!!

Oh yeah, and comment below to tell us your best concert memory!

2 Replies to “Best concert ever!”

  1. That’s my sister! What a great concert, she deserved to get up there and she did amazing. By the way I was there as well and she didn’t tell anyone that I had to push a girl and oh ya pull her hair to get my sister on stage, I mean it was a long time ago I was like 20 so forgive me. It was all worth it cause I love my sister. Hahahahha

  2. Paul McCartney in warm up band, just 3 awesome hours with Sir Paul and his band…floor seats…singing Hey Jude with Paul…and a great mixture of The Beatles’ songs with his newer music.