Life is sweet!

]I’ve been so wrapped up in the book launch and everything exciting that’s been happening lately, that I haven’t even had the chance to tell about ANOTHER exciting thing!

The thing is…every time I go in here I feel like I’m either falling apart or bragging and…well…at the moment, I guess we’ll go with bragging ’cause I WON A TRIP TO CUBA!


Air Canada is sending me and a friend on an all expense paid trip to Cuba! How did I win…well, ok…here’s just one more reason why I LOVE MY BLOG and everything it brings to my life.

On the right hand side, there’s an Air Canada advertisement that tells you all about the daily specials and the current Air Canada vacation deals. Well…through magic and happiness and pure positive thinking and more wonderful things coming my way…that fancy thing won me a vacation!

Check out the Air Canada Cuba Vacations by clicking on this link and check out where I’m going! I’ve never been to Cuba and I have to say, I’m super excited to be able to take a vacation that I otherwise wouldn’t be taking!

The “friend” I’m bringing. Well…it was a bit of a toss-up I’ll admit, however, with The Tall Blonde graduating from university in May, I really thought a week of both of us relaxing on the beach and enjoying one another’s company over a couple of margaritas would be the perfect way to show her how much I adore her as she heads off to her next adventure. Some much-needed “Mom and Girl” time.

This blog has changed my life. It’s given me great joy to have found a place to write my thoughts…and now, IT GAVE ME A TRIP TO CUBA!!!

Life is pretty sweet!

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