Game on…

With the holidays behind us, I’m left reflecting on a couple of things like…why do we only have turkey a few times a year? What makes some people choose a star to put on top of their tree and others an angel? And how come we don’t play board games more often?

A few days after the rush and craziness of Christmas, we found ourselves curled up on the couch in our pyjamas, enjoying one another’s company. Next thing you know…we were inviting friends to drop over to our laziness. I found a few appetizers and quickly threw together a couple of plates of food…and good times took over.

Mattel had sent me a big box full of games to enjoy with my family…and with the hustle and bustle of the holidays behind up, we cracked it open and started in…pulling out Pictionary, Apples to Apples, Skip Bo, Angry Birds and UNO along with a bunch of goodies to throw ourselves a regular Games Night!

My favorite…Apples to Apples…a game I’d watched my children and their friends play while we were cottaging this summer but hadn’t really known how much fun it was until we handed out the cards…and arguments and silliness began! My father, surprising me, by being far more competitive than I’d ever given him credit for.

Games bring out a great amount of fun that you often don’t get to see in those you love. Around the table, I could see each person’s personality and totally enjoyed the various interactions…watching my kids tease their grandparents and vice versa…enjoying as friends poked fun at one another…spontaneous moments and reactions that lead to a great amount of laughter.

We don’t do it near enough!

Thanks to Mattel for reminding me, just how important it is to toss the electronics aside for a while, and spend a bit of time really enjoying some time with those we love.

With the new year before me…I’m definitely planning on a few more nights around the table with my kids, a few of our friends, a couple of games…and a whole lot of laughter.


Did your family play any games this holiday? What’s your favourite one?

3 Replies to “Game on…”

  1. Apples to Apples is a really fun game for sure, one of our favourites. Whenever you feel like picking up another one that operates in the same vein you should look up ‘In A Pickle’. It is a similar word play game.

  2. We have had “Game Board Sunday” since my daughter was 4 and we always have the munchies and drinks ready and we’ve made a promise to each other we will never miss it.One time my husband made plans on that day and my daughter made him cancel,my daughter said,”Daddy it’s the one day that’s just for us”!!! That’ll do it!!