Building a home…

From anything I can recall over the last 22 years, The Tall Blonde has not once…not a single time…taken a nail to a piece of wood, a screw to a wall of gyprock, or a brush to a can of paint.

She hasn’t used wood glue to so much as put together a doghouse, hasn’t had to clean a paintbrush with turpentine after staining a deck…and, from what I remember, has never once used a circular saw to cut a piece of plywood or attached shingles to a roof with a nail gun.

Yet, this week, The Tall Blonde is in Albany, Georgia, working with a group of St. FX students to help build a house with Habitat for Humanity.

She plays a mean guitar, can add mascara to her lashes like nobodies business…she is a beautiful writer…loves an adventure…can get you from Point A to Point Z without batting an eye. She can read a map, knows her times tables, will debate over the fairness and equality of women in the world. She speaks French with the loveliest accent imaginable and can put together the most delicious salad. She’s a good listener, a wonderful friend and an amazing daughter. The Tall Blonde can light up a room with her humour…she can dance…and sing…and on occasion, chug a beer.

There are a great many things I’ve witnessed from this lovely young woman who, from everything I can tell, has the world at her fingertips. I’ve watched her fight through adversity to come out on top and I’m proud of each and every accomplishment.

But not once…in all my years of needing help around the house…with every deck I’ve stained, every toilet I’ve unclogged, each tub I’ve caulked and garden I’ve planted…with every room I’ve painted, wall I’ve papered and curtain rod I’ve hung…not once have I seen her climb a ladder, hold a hammer or so much as screw in a lightbulb!

So, good luck this week my sweet and loving daughter as you build this home. I admire your tenacity, your spunk, your willingness to learn new things and your absolute love for volunteering. But, just so you know, I’ll expect a little help when you get back home.

4 Replies to “Building a home…”

  1. FANTASTIC Emily, and I can think of a dozen or more things that your Mom left out. Have a great trip and good luck with the house. I know it will be wonderful! And don’t forget to take a picture to show your Mom.
    Love you both,
    Granda / Dad

  2. What a wonderful person you have raised!

    The world will be a better place because of her.

    You must be beaming with pride.