Amanda Morvan…#KIAWorkingMom


When I asked, “Why do you choose to do it all,” Amanda Morvan answered, “I’m motivated by a desire to succeed…and my success is having a loving, healthy family who can flourish in the things that they love, and in what makes them happy.”

Amanda is working and running a tight shift…living by the squares within her overstuffed calendar and fitting things in the best way that she can. With little downtime to call her own, at any given moment, there’s something to be done…”I’m really good at ensuring the shopping is done ie, groceries while at dance or stopping for TP on the way to a meeting,” Amanda says.

For the last eleven years, Amanda has worked with O’Regan’s Automotive and since September 2013, she’s been the General Manager at O’Regan’s Kia Dartmouth. She prides herself on her own success and the desire to continue to challenge both herself and her employees. She’s “creating an environment whereby clients feel part of something, and employees come into work with a smile knowing that greater things are coming for them.” O’Regans is a company where “the roots are family-driven, they are progressive in how they view not only working mothers but, just as important, working fathers. There is an understanding of the importance of family and flexibility when needed.”

Yes, Amanda has missed events and activities with her children as she travels with business a few times a year, but when home…she manages to fit it all in.

With a day that starts at 5am…Amanda is up before her two children, Willa (6) and Jensen (12)…to begin the process of lunches, dog walking, shower and makeup, waking the kids to get ready for school, breakfast, brushing teeth, gathering homework…then, off to hopefully chase down the school bus before she can take a wee breath as she drives into work to put in a full day (sometimes 13 hour shifts). Then, she heads back home to put a meal on the table and deal with nighttime routines…catching an hour for herself before hitting the sack…where she’ll wake up and do it all over again.

Willa and Jensen aren’t lacking in activities…”between Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Swimming, Baseball in the summer, Music…we are on the go 5 of 7 days/nights. Throw in the occasional recital, school dance/fundraiser, parent teacher, games…being a parent is a full-time job in itself!”


And if that wasn’t busy enough…the family has a new puppy!


So, how does she do it all? Amanda has the full support of her husband, Marc, who’s about to embark on a new career having gone back to school in the middle of the mix! He’s a hands-on Dad and can start, finish AND put away the laundry all in one go…not only that, he’s quick with the love and cuddles, and has Amanda’s back…making sure she fits in a bit of fun and laughter.


On top of that, the busy family has a great support system as both Amanda’s and Marc’s parents are always willing to jump in…completely dedicated to their grand-children. For that, Amanda is truly grateful.

I always find it interesting when I think about our lives, my husband and I. We both work shift work because we have to. Our caregiver once said to me, “I’ve been taking care of kids for 20 years now, and in the past 5 years, more than ever before, grandparents are picking kids up, taking them to activities, caring for them.” When I reflect on that, I have had to accept that just as the times have changed for the kids growing up in this world, the times have changed for parents raising kids in the same world. Work demands are greater than ever to stay current, to work harder, to work untraditional hours. Family demands are greater because of the challenges our kids face in this generation that were not there before. We need to manage not only our daily living, but manage the the digital world and keep our children young at heart. That has becomes so much more important than ever before and it truly does take a village.

Amanda is an optimist…happy to take on challenges and reach for success, she’s also happy to help others reach their full potential. While she’s doing it all…Mom, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Manager, Mentor, Employee…while she’s on the top of her game and keeping it all going…she knows about failure. But, as Amanda points out, “It’s all about your outlook on what failure is. To me, it’s how we grow, get stronger, and better. It feels like crap when it is happening, but I always try to encourage people to remember what knowledge you can gain from failure.”

So…what’s not working for this mom who seemingly has it all together…a well-oiled machine, a packed calendar, a loving family, and a challenging career? Apparently sometimes she sucks. “I suck at picking things up! Picking up socks, picking up an empty glass, emptying that basket of clothes or the cooked chicken in the container in the fridge from last week. I suck at taking a breath and I sometimes suck at being an attentive partner to Marc. I love my dear friends and I know they love me, but I know I suck at being a great one. I suck at exercising, eating right, and  putting me first, as many moms do.”

With a smile that lights up a room, Amanda is not “sucking” at all. She’s proof that one woman can make a difference in the lives of many people. She’s making a difference for her family, her employees and her entire community.

As I visited Amanda at her office, she was embarking on her Winter Campaign for the dealership…a “Jammie Drive!” KIA Dartmouth, at their 402 Windmill Road location, are collecting Pyjamas for Bryony House and Shelter NS. With every pair of PJs that are dropped off, you’ll receive a ballot to be entered into their 12 Days of Christmas draw! Amanda was pleased to point out the numerous pairs sitting atop one of her showroom cars. As we took her picture, her staff joked with her…with obvious pride. Just days before, as I’d picked up a car to test-drive for the weekend, one of her staff members handed his business card stating that if I had any problems with the car and couldn’t reach Amanda over the weekend, to give him a call. “She’s a really busy mom” he said as he passed me the keys “it’s impressive the way she can do it all.”

Yes…it is…truly impressive.


Disclaimer: I’m thrilled to introduce you to Amanda. Once a month, we’ll focus on a different #KIAWorkingMom as part of my partnership with O’Regan’s KIA Dartmouth. Follow KIA Dartmouth on Twitter for all of the latest news and to see what they’re doing in the community. Don’t forget to drop in with a pair of PJs for their Jammie Drive…you can find the details here

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  1. Great post! I’m tired just reading about how Amanda has time for it all. And I suck at picking things up too… my husband will attest to that! Good thing Amanda and I have other good qualities.

  2. It really is impressive!

    Amanda sounds like a really amazing woman!

    Love the photo of her DH at True North in the tiara!

    Nice post!

    Must. Remember. Jammies.