Recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup…sort of…


Since I’m feeling under the weather and I’m home alone on a Saturday…I got a hankerin’ for some healthy food.

On closer inspection in the fridge, freezer and pantry…there was nothing that appealed to me whatsoever! I ate a few peppermint M&Ms…a couple of clementines…still, I wanted something that made me feel better…like soup.


I looked in the cupboard…no soup. Freezer…no soup.

All I could see was a half eaten roasted chicken from the Superstore and the next thing you know…I was plopping it into a pot of water and setting the burner to high.

Then I turned to Facebook with my “What Now” status update.

“Add salt, onion and let boil for a while. Take carcass out. Add veggies and cook more. Then add the noodles,” said my friend Crazy.

I headed back to the kitchen to cut up an onion (I only had a red one so I chopped half of it up really small and threw it in)…and for salt, I couldn’t find any as we aren’t big on salt in this house…so I threw in some sea salt and lots of pepper.

Then I came back to Facebook and tweeted “You said Carcass!”

Suddenly that word seemed ultimately hilarious to me so I looked it up in Urban Dictionary ’cause that’s where you find definitions to all the funny words.

Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 3.58.06 PM

And then the word made full sense since I kind of feel like I’m dragging my carcass around.

Anyway, I worked on my blog, did a little design work…let the chicken boil away and eventually (like maybe an hour or so later), I went in, strained out the broth into a pot…added a little more water to top it up since it boiled down a lot…removed any bones…and began looking for vegetables.


I had potatoes, a squash that’s been there since Christmas, a bag of cranberries that have been there for the same amount of time, broccoli and cauliflower…both of which I’m allergic to…horse carrots and a bag of baby carrots.

Potatoes…meh…I wanted NOODLES and it somehow seems wrong to put noodles and potatoes in the same soup…so potatoes were out. Squash…off to the compost. Cranberries…who puts cranberries in soup and they’re not even a vegetable so what on earth are they doing in the vegetable drawer? Broccoli and Cauliflower are out of the question ’cause I feel sick enough. What are horse carrots? Oh…you know…the big ones…that you have to peel…the ones horses like.

I saved the horse carrots for the barn…chopped up some baby carrots…and threw them in.

Then I looked in the freezer again ’cause there HAD to be some sort of other veggie…and that’s when I saw the Edamame.

You know…I can’t be entirely sure…but it’s POSSIBLE that the bag of Edamame has been used as an ice pack before as I feel like it’s been in the freezer for awhile and every time I turn around one or both of my kids has a bag of frozen something-or-other attached to one of their injured muscles…but I opened it up and it looked pretty good…so I threw it in the pot.

Now…for the pasta.

I had three boxes of lasagna noodles, half a box of spagettini, a box of whole wheat penne and a couple of boxes of KD.


I’m a mother for goodness sake and I should be able to feed my children better than this let alone myself! I have this awesome pantry that holds lots of food and it seems I never have anything appropriate to cook with but all the condiments you could possibly desire!

I took the spagettini and cracked it in thirds and threw it in the pot in disgust. As always, when I open spagetti…I thought of my old cat Sheema who used to love to play with Spagetti noodles and that had me chuckling again.

I turned up the burner for the whole thing to boil once more…and then I got to thinking…I should probably add spices.

I have a lot of spices but honestly…what does one put in Chicken Noodle Soup with Edamame and Carrots? I looked…and looked some more. I considered “curry” for a moment but then wasn’t entirely sure…and that’s when I saw the “chicken rub.” Hmmm…if I pretended the rub had been on the chicken BEFORE it went into the pot instead of putting it in for the last step it all made sense…so I sprinkled in a bunch.

Half an hour later, I took up a bowl of soup.

A mere TWO hours after I started I was eating/drinking/slurping soup I made completely by myself (although the “hankering for soup” had passed and I was now on to desperately craving a Schwarma Platter!)

Verdict…soup tastes FANTASTIC! I’d tell you more…but I’m heading to the kitchen for another bowl!

Disclaimer: I was not paid by the chicken people, the supermarket or any brand whatsoever to write this post. The fact is…I’ve tried to get contracts with food brands like some of my other blogger friends but for some reason (possibly my lack of cooking sense), I don’t seem to get any of the food brands to want to work with me! So…if you find this soup recipe the greatest soup recipe you’ve ever seen (trust me I’ve tasted it and it’s fantastic), be sure to like it so I may, in the future, be considered for Food Posts! Or…you could head over to my partner-in-crimes website…MmmisforMommy…where you’ll find some of the best recipes you can possibly imagine including her famous HaliDip! Here’s to the food bloggers out there who are making awesome dishes…I should see if any of them want my recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup with Edamame and Carrots! It’s THAT good!    

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  1. Bwa ha ha ha ha!

    It’s a wonder the Food Network hasn’t come calling. Really! I mean what’s wrong with THEM?

    That HaliDip though. 😉

    Feel better soon!