McDonald’s New CBO Sandwich… #TheNextLegend


The first thing I noticed is they put crispy onions ON the bun…which is essentially like sprinkling rainbow sprinkles on top of cupcakes except that it’s a bun not a cupcake…and crispy onions not sprinkles!

I tried the McDonald’s CBO. The Chicken Bacon Onion. A crispy seasoned chicken breast sandwich with crunchy onion crisps, hickory-smoked bacon, lettuce and a creamy onion and black pepper sauce…served on a toasted sesame and onion bun.

IT DESERVED IT’S VERY OWN SONG…an all seasoned chicken, creamy sauce, lettuce, bacon, crispy onions on a sesame seed onion bun song!

I liked it. Like…really quite liked the taste which was a complete flavour explosion of unexpectedness.

I’ll admit, I’m a McChicken fan dating back to my first one sometime in the early 80s. I recall many weekend nights walking up to Lacewood McDs with a gaggle of friends…ordering a McChicken Meal with extra sauce and an orange pop…placing the fries in the opposite side of the flipped open container and squishing the sandwich so all of the sauce was evenly dispersed. It was a weekly ritual from my mid teens…continuing well into adulthood.

And now…there’s a new chicken sandwich in town and I was quite sure this CBO was going to pretty much be a McChicken with Onions and Bacon.

But no…not quite…as in…NOTHING LIKE THAT AT ALL!

The chicken breast was seasoned completely different, the bacon was super crispy and the onions were fantastic…the tastes together were a pretty great mixture and felt like something entirely different from anything I’ve had before at McDonalds. The sauce…maybe a little too much for my liking but that might be onaccounta the over zealous McSandwich maker…I quickly fixed it by scraping a little off with a french fry!

In the middle of a stormy day, where the snow came up my front porch and halfway out my door…I headed out to the drive thru and was greeted with a “Welcome to McDonald’s would you like to try our new CBO” and I answered with an “Absolutely, I’d like to order three.” Then…myself, Bones and Spiderman all checked out the new McDonald’s sandwich and even Bones, who’s an even bigger McChicken fan than I am and doesn’t really like to alter any of her eating habits too often, quite enjoyed the change.

I’m a McFan…but if you think about it, it has bacon and really…everything tastes fantastic with bacon especially these super bacon crispy bite sized pieces…but it was the onions that got me! The onions are really fantastic.

Check out the new CBO at your favourite McDonalds…#thenextlegend…complete with this brand new fabulous bun…with sprinkles…only better!


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by McDonald’s. I was given special perks for working on this campaign…but, as always, all opinions are my own.