Odds are…


The odds were a lot lower than I should have made them!

Ever play?

Here’s the deal:

“Odds Are” is a game of dare where one person makes an outrageous and ridiculous dare to the other person. The person being dared then says a 1 out of “some random number”…aka “the odds”…that would show how willing they are to do the dare. Once the odds are set…the two people stand-off against one another for a  3,2,1 countdown, where they each call out a number between 1 and the determined odds…so between 1 and 10…or 1 and 100…or 1 in 1000.

Anyway…if you both call out the same number, then the person being dared has to carry out the task…well, just as soon as you’re all done laughing with tears running down your face in shock and astonishment.

And that, my friends, is how I’m wearing LAMB EARS all day!

This morning, I took my kids to a Birthday Brunch which, turns out, they took me instead! We had a fabulous lunch at Gahan on the waterfront that included the most wonderful Okanogan Black Cherry Cider (that you can pick up at Bishops Cellar if you’re interested in trying some!)

When it was time to leave, the skies had opened up so we strolled our way through the shops at Historic Properties and popped into Toxic Blossom, a shop that always makes me chuckle.

And…that’s where I saw the lamb-ear headband…where I put them on to show my kids in that “look your mother is ridiculous” sort of way.

Until Spideraman yelled, “Odds are you buy those and wear them all day!”

Well CRAP.

This is normally where I say 1 in 1000 or 1 in a million ’cause he’s “Odds Are’d” me on some pretty ridiculous things that I would NEVER do…but this time, I’m thinking I can’t get hurt…it’s not soooo horrible…and it’s my birthday! So I picked the odds of 1 in 10.

The Tall Blonde counted down.

We both said four!

And the kids died laughing.

Right there in the store. Burst out laughing like the fools they are and as they continued to wipe the tears from their eyes, I bought the stupid lambs ears and placed them on my head.

I had a lot of plans today.

But instead, I’m hanging out at home until we head to my parents for supper…because I’m not getting caught out in public with these ears…and yet, I’m exactly where I want to be!

My three kids…me…my dog…hanging out at home with the rain pouring down…a cup of tea in hand…ears on my head.

Odds are I’m doing exactly what I was meant to be doing today.

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