Therefore be it resolved…


To say I’m surprised is a bit of an understatement.

Yesterday, while getting my mail, I discovered I had a package and while sitting in my car, opened an envelope with a red folder and letter inside.

The letter, coming from my MLA…full of apologies for it’s lateness as apparently a resolution had been introduced concerning ME!

The letter explained that resolutions (or Notice of Motions) are introduced by members of the Legislative Assembly to recognize and pay tribute to a person, business, volunteer, event or community leader – often someone who resides in the MLA’s constituency.

It seems that, in December 2013, the following was stated by the Honourable Diana Whalen at the Nova Scotia House of Assembly:

WHEREAS local literature is an essential element of what makes up the rich and dynamic culture of Nova Scotia; and

WHEREAS Colleen Anthony of Clayton Park West has caught the attention and touched the hearts of many with her widely-known, award-winning blog, Curtains are Open, through which she shares reflections on her personal experiences and life lessons; and

WHEREAS Colleen Anthony has achieved a wonderful accomplishment in the publication of her first book, Full Speed Ahead, a compilation of 82 excerpts from her ever-popular blog;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that all members of this House of Assembly congratulate Colleen Anthony on the publication of her first literary work and wish her every success in all her future endeavours.

HELLO PEOPLE!!! This is pretty cool. And, WHEREAS I didn’t find out about this for more than two years after it happened; and WHEREAS I can only imagine the burst of applause in the legislature that day over my “literary work”; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that while you’re reading this you can now applaud as you didn’t get the opportunity to do so before!

And WHEREAS The Tall Blonde works at parliament in Ottawa; and WHEREAS I have a new document that states I’m a literary genius; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that The Tall Blonde should probably let her boss, the Right Honourable and Handsome Justin Trudeau, know that Resolution No. 443 on page 788 of the Hansard of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly is all about her brilliant mother.

And WHEREAS I’m tickled pink to receive this recognition from the Honourable Diana Whalen and WHEREAS I have this brand new fancy certificate; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT I will frame it and hang it with other awards I’ve received (which happens to be in the bathroom but that’s no reflection on how special they are to me!)

And WHEREAS my head keeps getting bigger from my inflated ego; and WHEREAS I love what I do and will continue to write and entertain you as best as I can; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that I may need a larger crown.

13 Replies to “Therefore be it resolved…”

  1. Love it! Be it resolved that you are indeed deserving….can’t wait to see what she does after she reads your Hockey Mom post! 😉

    Maybe Colleen O’Dea DAY! 🙂