A Summertime Twitter Party with #PCInsidersCollection


It’s the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER and while that brings to mind warm weather and family gatherings, it’s also the perfect time for BBQs, Picnics, Road Trips and Summer Nights on the Deck!

PC Insiders Collection has put together a list of #MustTry foods for all of your summer activities. This weekend, I was lucky to have many of the items delivered in order to give them a try…and so far, everything I’ve tasted has been fantastic!

While I’m saving some of the BBQ items for meals this week with the kids, I was deep into the busy-ness this weekend of organizing and purging through closets in order to put my house on the market…so, I was delighted to take a few “snack breaks” in the middle of all of the chaos.

The best break I took was definitely my date with the fabulous Speculoos Cookie Butter Ice Cream. I’m typically a “cookie dough” ice cream lover but lately, I’ve been looking for something a little bit new and THIS has officially replaced my typical ice cream purchase. I ate it straight up…from a bowl…with both feet on the coffee table on my back deck…in pure summer bliss!


Speaking of ice cream, I gave the “Loads of Cookies n Creme Light Ice Cream Bars” a try and was more than delighted…I believe I even said “heaven on a stick.” My dog, was a little less impressed with the snacking and gave me a bit of the cold shoulder while I enjoyed my treat…but I got over it. (ALSO…Why on earth can’t I remember to turn my camera sideways when I take videos!!)

I also gave the “Cherry Cola Cane Sugar Sodaand the “Sea Salt Peanut Brittle a try and have to admit, I was quite surprised. First, I hadn’t had cherry coke since I was a little girl and was immediately taken back by the taste (and it’s only 100 calories a can). It looks like cola…but definitely tastes like cherry and leaves you with that feeling that the drink should be on the red shades and not dark like it is! I was reminded that I quite liked cherry cola and the pairing with the peanut brittle was perfect. The brittle…now that was an even bigger surprise. Honestly…I wasn’t sure it was going to come close to meeting my expectations as I quite love a really good homemade brittle…but it tasted like it was something you’d pick up at a summer market! Really and truly it was fantastic. 


All in all…my weekend of snacking and cleaning closets went fairly well! Over the next few days, I’ll be trying out a few more items and if these “snacks” are any indication, I’m in for a great week of BBQs and fabulous food!

And…to introduce you to all of these #MustTry foods…


The East Coast Moms…Colleen O’Dea (@curtainsareopen), Heather Nolan (@MmmisforMommy), and Laura Snow (@mylifeinthesunn…along with our friends at President’s Choice, want to show you a few of their wonderful products that are currently on their shelves and part of the PC Insiders Collection.

We’re inviting you to join us for a fantastic twitter party…where we’ll talk about summer entertainment, recipes and fabulous food. At the end of our party, we’ll be giving away $1,000 in President’s Choice Gift Cards!


Follow the hashtag and join us for a fun night!

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Please RSVP (click on the “Add your Link” button at the end of the table) to be eligible to win at the #PCInsidersParty. When the Linky asks for your URL, please enter the URL to your Twitter account, for example, @curtainsareopen’s URL is http://twitter.com/curtainsareopen. See you then!

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