This is the story, of the boy I fell in love with…


This is the story of the boy I fell in love with.

The one I can’t say no to. The one who will always have a grip on my heart.

It could be the dimple.

The smattering of freckles across his nose.

That twinkle in his eye or that wee grin that at any given moment could break into a full-fledged smile.

He can turn an angry moment into a hearty laugh with just one look. He’s always known the words to make it better. He’s wrapped me around his finger from the moment he was born.

Much as I swear I’m the one in control…everyone knows better.

He’s been impossible to parent while at the same time, he’s been every mother’s dream.

He’s messy. He leaves dishes where he used them, clothes where he took them off, hockey gear where he dropped it and when he opens a package he leaves the garbage exactly where he placed it. There are multiple pairs of socks under the chair where he watches TV and every now and then, I gather all of the wrappers that he shoves under the cushion for safe-keeping.

When he’s out with his friends and I’m worried…he checks in. When he arrives home from school…he comes into my office and asks about my day. When I’ve long gone to bed and I’m all but drifted off…I stir as he comes up the stairs, switches off the TV, places a kiss on my cheek and gently shuts the door.

I can’t even begin to fathom how much I’ll miss him as he prepares to go to university as just the thought of not having him here is almost too much to comprehend.

I’ll miss tripping over his big shoes in the front hall, picking up the stuff he’s left scattered about, having him shovel the driveway without being asked or putting out the garbage on Thursday mornings. I’ll miss searching for my car keys, wondering who ate all the cheese and asking for the music to be turned down.

I’ll miss him and his friends showing up for a lunchtime chat.

Having a cup of tea brought to me without being asked.

Stopping me in the middle of chaos so he can wrap his arms around me and tell me that everything is going to be just fine.

I’ll miss that most of all.

He is respectful, kind, gentle, funny, adventurous, hardworking, gallant, handsome, responsible, charismatic, intelligent, kind-hearted, intuitive, mischievous…and completely over-the-top infuriating at the best of times.

While I have done my best to be his mom…and while I find great comfort in the fact that I truly believe I’ve done a wonderful job…there’s a part of me that knows much as it was my job to be his parent, he has taught me far greater lessons in life than I have been able to teach him.

While he’s in a rush to move forward with his life, I want time to stand still…just so I can catch my breath. Just so I can bask in the warmth of his childhood before turning the page and opening a new and unfamiliar chapter that in reality, can only be every bit as wonderful as all of the pages that have come before.

Because this is the story…

Of the boy I fell in love with.

16 Replies to “This is the story, of the boy I fell in love with…”

    • I always know people are going to cry when I do…I could barely get through writing this!

    • Thank you very, very much. You can take a bit of credit for the way he’s turning out as well.

  1. Ugh! The tears are rolling down my cheeks after reading this! It sounds like you have raised a lovely young man who has already made you proud.

    Congrats! (I’d miss the tea, hugs, and shovelling without being asked too…as much as the mess and the loud music).

    • There’s a lot I’m going to miss for sure…the shovelling is high up on the list!

  2. Crying. JUMBA, trying to take pictures of him doing ‘girly’ things at our house, and filling the pool with buckets…

  3. Such a beautiful tribute to your boy! I am sure he will miss you just as much. I am not looking forward to these years, learning to cherish the moments as much as possible.

  4. So moving. Sitting here with my little (3 year old man, who has the flu or something that resembles it), and as a tear rolled down my cheek, he reached his little meaty hand up to wipe it. I feel your pain Momma…mine is coming down-the-road. Such a well done piece.

    • Thanks so much Giselle. Yes, time is incredibly fleeting. Hope that boy of yours is feeling much better! xo